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FIRST PERSON | Why I continue to teach Black history despite the price I pay as a Black teacher | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

This First Person column?is the experience of Stephanie Bass, an elementary school teacher in Hamilton.The population lives.?For more information about CBC’s First Person storiesFrance, please see?the FAQquickly discovered that details were vague.

When I became a teacher, I knew I would have to defend the value of my own history and culture. After 12 years in the classroom, I can tell you that turned out to be true.?

I teach grades 6 and 7 in Hamilton. When Black History Month comes along, I feel a mixture of excitement and dread. The month provides an opportunity to teach more Black history:1622089764402,, but I am still fighting for those opportunities — during February, and any other time of the school year.?

As I go over my Black History Month unit plan, I smile. I love teaching this content. Going through old newspapers and books to find interesting facts, putting them together in a way that makes sense to a middle schooler — someone who’s never heard or seen anything like this before — is always satisfying.?

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