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Switzerland is likely to cooperate with China in building a country of unmanned aerial vehicles

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recently, the second "Swiss innovation week" was held in Beijing. The theme of this innovation week is the Swiss UAV, which shows the Swiss UAV ecosystem and many innovations in the field of intelligent aircraft. In fact, the cost of the newly increased production capacity has increased significantly. In recent years, Switzerland has made remarkable achievements in UAV research and development. It has not only achieved many basic innovations in the field of ecosystem and intelligent TPE supply will be tight, but also become one of the most innovative regions in the world in the field of UAV applications such as sensing and analysis, industrial patrol inspection, safety and traffic control, high-altitude UAV, entertainment and humanitarian rescue

in recent years, the UAV industry has developed very rapidly and has been widely used in personal consumption, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, geographical mapping, environmental monitoring, electric power line patrol, film and television aerial photography and other fields. At present, the UAV market is mainly composed of personal consumption UAV and commercial UAV. Consumer UAVs are mainly used for aerial photography, follow-up and other entertainment scenes. Why can't the hydraulic universal testing machine reach the load? Commercial UAVs have a wide range of applications, which can be used in agriculture, forestry and plant protection, logistics, security, patrol and other fields. Whether in the personal consumption market or the commercial market, the further popularization of unmanned aerial vehicles has brought great changes to everyone's way of life and work

many experts said that UAV will be the shaper of the future airspace, and more and more people have high hopes for the development of UAV industry. Under the background that 1. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated value, Switzerland, as one of the pioneers in the field of UAV technology, positioning itself as a leading research and innovation center has special significance

according to Swiss official data, in the past few years, Switzerland's "drone Valley" has attracted more than 80 start-ups and created more than 2500 jobs, many of which were incubated by top research institutions such as the Federal University of technology in Zurich and the Federal University of technology in Lausanne. Swiss drones are used in many fields, including public safety, agriculture and humanitarian assistance in crisis areas. Switzerland also incorporates the use and safety of drones into its aviation and data privacy

Switzerland's achievements in UAV research and development make it possible for more Swiss enterprises to cooperate with Chinese enterprises. The two countries began to implement the free trade agreement in 2014, established an innovative strategic partnership in 2016, and opened a high-level innovation cooperation platform between China and Switzerland in 2019, all of which provide unique opportunities for developing and strengthening bilateral relations. In the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, Switzerland and China also have more and more innovative cooperation

Flyablity is one of many UAV enterprises cooperating with China. In an interview with science and technology, the person in charge of China said that flyablity's products focus on energy pipeline inspection. Since its entry into China, it has carried out innovative cooperation with Dajiang in terms of UAV image transmission system, and has made many achievements

flyability's UAV, sensors, internal components and other core technologies, together with high-definition cameras and thermal imaging cameras, achieve a stable flight that can collide. It is possible for UAV to replace manual detection of industrial equipment and different scenes, and it has leading technology in dealing with obstacles and anti-collision. Its co-founder said, "this technology came out of the laboratory of Lausanne Institute of technology. In the initial scientific research experiments, scientists found inspiration from insects, and came up with the idea of simulating flies flying in narrow space, which was finally realized step by step in UAV products."

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