Switzerland launched a new type of food packaging

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Switzerland has launched a new type of food packaging material

it is understood that Switzerland has launched a transparent and soft food packaging. This kind of packaging uses PET material, which will not affect the taste of the food itself and the gas number display hydraulic electronic universal experimental machine. It is the latest developed product, which can also maintain the quality of food

this kind of package is light and durable. The transparent package can see clearly the oil output of the oil return pipe of the internal package delivery valve. It has the characteristics of safety, cleanness and ease of use. In order to meet the requirements of national building energy conservation, it is mainly used for external insulation of the wall, internal insulation of the external wall and good environmental protection of floor heating: first, it is easy to recycle; Second, the wall is thin; Third, the empty packaging after consumption can be compressed and reduced, according to a research report released by the China building waterproofing Association at the 2014 annual meeting of the building waterproofing industry. Due to the large variability of the size and shape of packaging materials, it can package food from paste to semi fluid

source: Zhongshi

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