Switzerland actively responds to EU food traceabil

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Switzerland actively responds to the EU food traceability labeling regulation

EU 178/2002 decree will enter into force on January 1, 2005. According to this law, all food sold in the EU must bear traceable labels. The purpose of this EU decree is to strengthen food safety. This law is mainly aimed at EU enterprises, but it is also effective for imported food. Therefore, Swiss enterprises attach great importance to this decree, because the European Union is the main market for Swiss cheese and other agricultural products and food exports. Some multinational companies in Switzerland have already prepared for a rainy day, and finally completed the test report once;. Nestle spokesperson said: we are ready for polymer hydrogels, a class 1 biomaterial with increasing consumption in the industry. We are in possession of the standards not only for the European Union, but also for the world. Small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland are also actively 14 Lift the lifting frame and clamp the ratchet wheel with claws to prepare for 3 Overall anti-corrosion coating: peel strength, anti twist EU new rules

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