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with the continuous needs of the market and customers, Saiyuan automation has upgraded the industrial remote communication sy-rscm series patented products according to the suggestions of users. The internal structure maintains the industrial IC design, and has done more protection and verification in terms of stability and reliability, so as to ensure the stable and reliable transmission of industrial data. At the 13th China International High Tech fair, SCM 302, the function realized by the sy-r experimental machine system of Saiyuan remote communication module, was grandly unveiled, and was displayed in hall 1 and hall 7 of the high tech fair respectively. While attracting the attention of many industry audiences, it was also officially launched to the market

The upgrading of sy-rscm series products of Saiyuan industrial telecommunication has attracted the high attention of professional audiences such as president Liu of the vocational college

automation, intelligence, informatization, networking, security, cloud and wireless are all important development directions in the future. IOT technology will cause new hot spots at this high-tech fair because when doing experiments. At this high tech fair, seven sponsors, including the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of agriculture, the State Intellectual Property Office and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will organize a group to participate in the exhibition. Many ministries and commissions have shown the development status and prospects of China's IOT industry from different aspects


with the vigorous development of industrial communication networks, data security will receive unprecedented attention! Based on this, the upgrading of Saiyuan industrial telecommunication sy-rscm series patented products pays more attention to the security of industrial data transmission. The key protocol [DH key group] has been upgraded from the original 1024bit to 1536bit, raising the data security of industrial occasions to a new height

as the core component of Saiyuan operation support center, sy-rscm series upgraded products will provide customers with better communication services

the following is the upgrade comparison between sy-rscm300 and sy-rscm302:

IOT, cloud computing and other hot spots. Saiyuan also proposed the concept of Saiyuan operation support center and mature technologies and products for system integrators and equipment manufacturers, which lies in the centralized data monitoring of equipment and systems and the follow-up maintenance at the program level. It has the following characteristics:

1, equipment or system failure, error warning, Greatly reduce potential safety hazards

2. After sales maintenance of equipment or system, minute level response, senior engineers can easily participate in the service at all times, and they no longer need and require correct and fair confirmation of the location and installation method of measuring element thermocouples. Only when they go to the site can they make diagnosis and solutions

3. Real time, to grasp the operation of equipment or system at any time

4. When the customer visits the factory or company, the operation guarantee center will show the customer the monitoring and maintenance network of the whole equipment or system, and the meticulous service and great product trust will be passed on to the customer

5. All aspects of energy consumption evaluation, defect analysis and technical upgrading of equipment or system can be comprehensively collected and recorded based on the operation center

6. The existence of the operation guarantee center can enable the equipment to be sold to a broader market without worrying about the after-sales PM corrugated board edge pressure strength (n/m) service

7. The sales manager holds a tablet computer and presents the operation of the equipment or system and the production site video to customers in real time, which is more persuasive and has more selling points

8. High added value brought by leading remote communication technology

Saiyuan automation is a company with high-tech intellectual property rights, with a number of patents. The company has a group of senior experts in the industrial automation industry, and also has advanced technology in network communication. The developed product series surpasses the traditional technology and methods of industrial network communication and leads the market. Saiyuan is looking for partners in the national market to jointly face the broad market and win-win

Saiyuan operation support center, escort your equipment and system

Saiyuan will continue to be committed to the innovation of industrial automation network and communication technology, launch more products to promote the integration of China's informatization and industrialization, solve problems for our customers, create value, pursue excellence, and never stop. Please look forward to it

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