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The symbol and model description of contactor

1. the symbol of contactor

the graphical symbol of contactor is shown in Figure L, and the text symbol is km

Figure 1 graphical symbol of contactor

a) coil b) main contact C) auxiliary contact

2. Model description of contactor

for example: cjl0z-40/3 is AC contactor, with design serial number of 10, heavy duty type, rated current of 40a, and main contact of 3 poles. Cjl2t-250/3 is a modified AC contactor with design serial number of 12, rated current of 250A and 3 main contacts

AC contactors produced in China commonly use cjl0, cjl2, cjx1, cj20 and their derivative series of direct reading digital quantitative products. Cj0 series and its modified products have been gradually replaced by cj20 and cjX series products. The above series products generally have three pairs of normally open main contacts and two pairs of normally open and normally closed auxiliary contacts. CZ0 series of DC contactors are commonly used, which are divided into two categories: unipolar and bipolar. There are no more than two normally open and closed auxiliary contacts respectively, and high-performance pairs of new materials are used

in addition to the above commonly used series, China has also introduced some production lines in recent years and produced some AC contactors that meet IEC standards, so that the high-precision reducer with stable appearance, high precision and easy application is briefly introduced below

cjl2b-s series latch contactors are used in distribution circuits with AC 50Hz, voltage 380V and below, and current 600A and below, for remote connection and disconnection of circuits, and are suitable for infrequent starting and stopping of AC motors. It has the characteristics of no electricity and no noise of the suction coil during normal operation. Its latch mechanism is located below the electromagnetic system. The latch mechanism is energized by the suction coil, which is held in the locked position by the latch mechanism after the suction coil is powered off. Since the coil is not energized, there is no power loss and magnetic noise is eliminated

Siemens' 3TB series and BBC's B series AC contactors introduced from Germany have reached the level of the early 1980s. They are mainly used for remote connection and disconnection of circuits, and are suitable for frequent starting and control of AC motors. 3TB series products have the characteristics of compact structure, long mechanical and electrical life, convenient installation and high reliability. The main problem of rated power is that the material voltage used is 220 ~ 660V, and the rated current is 9 ~ 630A. (end)

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