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St Ancai invests in photovoltaic glass to realize transformation. It is understood that what problems should be paid attention to in the installation of tensile testing machine for photovoltaic glass? As the substrate material of solar photothermal and photoelectric conversion systems, its industrialization has fundamentally promoted the continuous expansion of the production scale of the world's photovoltaic industry

st Ancai announced that the company decided to invest 277.8 million yuan in the construction of the project with an annual output of 5. The team discussed whether to use thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics to produce 600000 square meters of photovoltaic glass project. Experts believe that this may be the company's efforts to achieve transformation

st Ancai expects that after the project is completed and put into operation, the annual average sales revenue will reach 300.58 million yuan, the annual average profit (after tax) will be 56.27 million yuan, and the annual average total investment profit rate will be 25. 39%。

according to statistics, the actual output of China's solar photovoltaic glass market in 2007 accounted for only 60% of the total demand, and there was a large gap in the domestic market. And with the rapid growth of photovoltaic industry, the gap of photovoltaic glass will further expand

in addition, St Ancai also decided to dispose of a number of idle equipment assets, including two spherical tanks, two gas-fired steam furnaces, and three diesel generator sets if the initial operation is relatively smooth. The net book value of this batch of equipment assets is 2.16 million yuan, and the assessed realizable value is 14.07 million yuan

part of the reason for global glass is the supply chain ability and coordination ability of glass () department

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