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St Ancai invested in the construction of large-scale photovoltaic glass project

Henan Ancai High Tech Co., Ltd. plans to invest 2. The photovoltaic glass project with an annual output of 5.6 million square meters will be constructed with 800 million yuan, and the annual average return on investment is expected to be 25%. Photovoltaic glass is the substrate material of solar thermal and photoelectric conversion system. According to statistics, the actual output of China's solar photovoltaic glass market in 2007 accounted for only 60% of the total demand. St Ancai believed in the announcement released on the evening of June 26 that with the rapid growth of the photovoltaic industry, the gap of photovoltaic glass will further expand. Therefore, investing in this industry can improve the profitability of the company

st Ancai said in the announcement that the sources of investment funds are mainly the company's own funds and bank loans. The company's own funds include the company's existing stock funds, accounts receivable funds, funds for the sale of idle assets, etc

st Ancai also suggests that there are certain risks in this project. Because the investment amount of this project is relatively large, the national composite material center is one of the seven member research institutions of catapult network, and there is a capital risk; The construction period is only one year, and there may be risks that the project cannot be completed on schedule due to engineering design, equipment delivery, project management and other factors; Moreover, the rise of the market may compress the profit space and fail to achieve the expected economic benefits

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