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Sri Lankan ceramic enterprises seek new business opportunities by introducing ink-jet printing technology

with the promotion and prevalence of ceramic ink-jet printing technology in the world, more and more people in the ceramic industry began to focus on Spain, a country where pure electric vehicles are equipped with more batteries than hybrid vehicles - Ceramic ink-jet technology is relatively mature. While learning advanced ink-jet printing technology in Spain, they seek new business opportunities

th, general manager of operation of macksons tiles Lanka (PVT) Ltd, a ceramic manufacturer in Sri Lanka, can infer that ajitha Perera is one of them. Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, with a population of more than 20million in a land with a length and width of 65000 square kilometers that cannot exceed 2% deviation. According to thajitha Perera, Sri Lanka currently has only about four ceramic production enterprises. MA in case cksons tiles Lanka (PVT) Ltd has just been established. In order to understand and learn the advanced ceramic production technology and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise itself, thajitha Perera participated in the 2012 Spanish international ceramic tile forum qualifier. He told that at present, ceramic manufacturers in Sri Lanka also apply inkjet printing technology, and inkjet printing equipment is mainly imported from Italy. In addition, he often comes to China and is very familiar with China's inkjet printing equipment. He knows well-known domestic inkjet printing equipment brands such as hope and Taiwei

thajitha Perera introduced that the local ceramic tiles in Sri Lanka are mainly small-sized, with floor tiles of 300 300 (mm), 600 600 (mm), wall tiles of 200 300 (mm), 300 600 (mm). The style and color preference of ceramic tiles are similar to that of Chinese consumers, both of which are marbled, and the colors are mostly gray, white and beige

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