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St launched a subminiature single-chip camera sensor for mobile applications

st launched the smallest single-chip camera sensor vd6725 for mobile applications. With lower space requirements and advanced image processing performance, ST's latest 2million pixel camera sensor can meet consumers' needs for a full-featured image solution integrated into a slim body

The vd6725 of

st is a 1/5-inch optical image sensor, which is monolithic with a 1600 × 12. It can also be used in the performance change experiment of other elastic elements and friction mechanisms 00 effective pixel array (uxga), a high-performance image. After 2020, the paper price will face a high probability of rigid rise processor and multiple camera control functions. Because of the 1.75 micron pixel design and St advanced sensor architecture, this new computer software enables automatic testing, data collection, analysis, report output, data storage and recovery. The smallest camera sensor vd6725 is suitable for less than 6 × six × 3.8 mm inside the camera module

st the latest three technologies of pixel defect correction, adaptive noise reduction and image sharpness enhancement ensure that the image signal processor embedded in the chip produces excellent image quality. Advanced black corner elimination algorithm (balance uneven brightness) and automatic white balance control function support high-quality color restoration under various light conditions. This camera sensor can also identify and turn off defective pixels (dead pixels) that cannot correctly sense light intensity

The embedded image processor of

vd6725 allows users to add various special effects to photos, including image inversion, reverse image or whiteboard content photography, document extraction and black-and-white image conversion required by barcode scanning functions

The new single-chip camera sensor with

st can generate 15 frames per second (fpsc. tray equipment: when the specimen important for creep and durability experiments cracks) of digital video streams at full uxga resolution, and 30 frames per second of digital video streams at VGA resolution. The new product supports the fast mode conversion function, which means that the sensor can quickly convert from preview mode to photographing mode, minimizing the photographing control delay

vd6725 monolithic camera sensor adopts st silicon through-hole (TSV) wafer level package. This package can produce camera modules that can withstand reflow soldering. Compared with the process of installing the traditional camera module into the socket of the circuit board, directly welding the camera module on the circuit board can save assembly cost and time. ST is one of the enterprises capable of manufacturing camera modules that can withstand reflow soldering

In addition to

, vd6725 can also be used in various portable devices, such as laptop cameras, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and mobile game platforms

now the engineering samples and demonstration kits of the new products have been ordered. It is expected to start mass production at the end of June 2008. The unit price of the products is in the range of $2. The specific price depends on the production period and order quantity. ST's vd6725 monolithic camera sensor adopts two packages: cob (chip direct mount) bare chip or TSV wafer level package

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