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St pushes stts75 series high-precision digital output temperature sensor

STMicroelectronics (st) introduces a series of high-precision digital output temperature sensors. The new series of products are especially suitable for various electronic devices in a wide range of low-power applications. The temperature measurement range ranges from minus 55 degrees Celsius to plus 125 degrees Celsius. This cost-effective stxx75 series product can be directly replaced. 3. It is restricted by foreign hidden technical barriers, and the software is compatible with LM75, ds75 and tcn75a temperature sensor chips of industrial standards. At the same time, it also improves ST's existing stlm20 series analog temperature sensors used in a variety of industries

adopt standard 8-Lead t × 100ssop and SO-8 package, the new series of digital sensors are suitable for equipment control to cultivate and develop the application field of new material industry, for example: the processor through I2C bus/smbusd: adjust the spacing between the upper and lower plates of the bending instrument to 3 times of the measured coil, and then read an accurate local digital temperature data, and then take corresponding actions; Or the control application that needs to take alarm or interrupt measures when the local temperature reaches the preset temperature of the system. The new series of products adopts a bandgap temperature sensor with a programmable 9-bit to 12 bit sigma delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC), which can convert the analog temperature reading signal into digital signal, with a resolution of up to 0.0625 ℃. Stts75 is calibrated before delivery, and no other external components are required

within the range of minus 55 ° C to plus 125 ° C, the measurement accuracy of the sensor fluctuates by 3 ° C; Within the range of minus 25 degrees Celsius to plus 100 degrees Celsius, the sensing accuracy of the sensor fluctuates by 2 degrees Celsius. The new series of sensors are designed for low power supply voltage from 2.7 V to 5.5 V, and the working current consumption is very low. The typical working current is only 75 μ a at 3.3 v. In the power-saving shutdown mode, the standby current is very low, and the maximum value is only 1 μ a. The default setting of power on enables this series of products to work independently as a thermostat, and the temperature value and temperature regulation hysteresis value can be programmed

all devices with hard disk drives are the target applications of the new series of products, including desktop computers, servers and some set-top boxes, as well as medical devices, industrial computers and LCD backlight controllers. As the brightness of the display becomes higher and higher, the processing speed of the circuit becomes faster and faster, and the heat generated by related devices is also larger and larger. However, the packaging of these heat dissipation devices is becoming smaller and smaller. This development trend poses an arduous challenge to the thermal management system of consumer electronics and industrial electronic equipment. Only by strictly monitoring the temperature of integrated circuits and the external ambient temperature, can we prevent overheating of circuit boards and equipment damage accidents

stts75 series sensors have been put into mass production. SO-8 and msop8 (tssop8) are used for packaging. 1000 pieces or more are ordered at a unit price of US $0.70. Samples are accepted for ordering

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