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Seven major trends in the development of LED lighting industry in 2016

in 2015, although LED lighting needs to connect with the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee to establish a business opportunity system, which is constantly rising, and a large number of traditional lighting applications have been replaced, the oversupply and extremely irregular business competition in the industry have made the unit price of LED lamps decline by% and manufacturers face losses and exit from the market. For 2016, I think the development direction of the industry is as follows:

1. The future growth of the LED industry is slowing down. Due to the oversupply of LED industry, the average price has fallen sharply. With the continuous reduction of industry costs and the rationalization of industry heat, the growth rate of the industry is expected to stabilize and slow down

2. LED device prices and product declines narrowed. What the UBC team did in 2015 was to use liquid nitrogen to cool the plastic year first. The prices of chips, packages and products fell sharply. The irregular competition in market prices led to many LED manufacturers facing losses. It can be expected that more and more manufacturers will withdraw from the market in the future

3. Chinese LED manufacturers carry out domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions and transformation. Chinese listed companies rely on the valuation dividends of a shares to carry out overseas mergers and acquisitions through Stock Market Fundraising and government financial support. In addition, more and more LED manufacturers began to seek transformation, and some Chinese LED manufacturers also began to set foot in other fields through mergers and acquisitions, hoping to get rid of the Red Sea (2) LCD Chinese character display market of bargain competition

4. The "tide of bankruptcy" of led enterprises reappears. Due to the continuous decline of prices and the continuous deterioration of industrial competition in 2015, many small and medium-sized led enterprises are facing great pressure of loss and enter a vicious circle of broken cash flow. In 2016, the industry will reproduce the "tide of bankruptcy" of small enterprises

5. Agricultural lighting, health lighting and other fields are growing rapidly. As the price competition of white LED is very fierce, LED manufacturers hope to find some new special applications in order to increase profits. With the continuous maturity of red light technology, agricultural lighting, health lighting and other fields will usher in a rapid development opportunity

6. Intelligent lighting has a bright future, but the process is tortuous. At present, the additional functions of intelligent lighting mostly remain in the remote control, the change of color and color temperature, but most consumers seem unwilling to pay extra premium for these functions, so it is difficult for intelligent lighting to achieve rapid development in a short time

7. Optical communication will be paid more and more attention by consulting manufacturers. Due to the huge bandwidth advantage and huge market space of visible light communication, it is expected that the development of optical communication will receive more attention. However, due to the large investment, the technology of chips and devices is still difficult, and the possibility of immediate outbreak is relatively small

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