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Seven Star blueprint participated in the China call center and enterprise communication conference

on this warm spring day, the 2016 China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by the information and communication field special picture can synchronously output measurement data and curve change relationship graph industry media CIT forum was successfully held in Liaoning Building, Beijing, from April 14 to 15. The theme of this meeting is: Digital DNA of contact center. Focusing on enterprise communications, call centers, next-generation communication architecture and other contents, the conference showed the industry trends through keynote speeches, exhibitions and other forms, and built a platform for exchange and communication for people outside the industry in the future with the technological progress and consumption upgrading of plastics and modified plastics in China. As a leading call center service provider in China, seven star blueprint attended the conference for the sixth time

Seven Star blueprint is a call center professional service provider integrating call center outsourcing, call center software development and system integration. Call center outsourcing and call center software complement each other and develop together. The call center outsourcing business makes the independently developed call center software more in line with the actual needs of the call center, and the software makes the call center outsourcing service more professional. Therefore, in this conference, not only our independently developed call center scheduling software, call center knowledge base management software, call center operation software, and call center seating software were inquired about in detail by many participants in the industry, but also the three large outsourcing operation centers under the Seven Star blueprint were favored

the three large-scale outsourcing service centers under the Seven Star blueprint are located in Weifang, Shandong Province, Chengdu, Sichuan Province and Xiangyang, Hubei Province, with a total seating capacity of more than 4000. They can provide customers with integrated call center outsourcing services, including naked seating rental services, business process outsourcing services, overall seating outsourcing services, human resources outsourcing services, etc

in this conference, many people inside and outside the industry learned about the situation of Seven Star outsourcing workplace at the booth. At present, seven star blueprint provides high-quality outsourcing services for many well-known domestic brands, and the seating scale continues to expand. In the current economic environment, outsourcing cooperation has become the choice of more and more enterprises. Through outsourcing cooperation, we can greatly reduce the human risk of self-supporting and reduce the operation cost. The partners agreed that they should hand over professional things to professional companies and focus on their core competitive products, so that they can truly learn from each other in the fierce market competition and remain invincible for a long time. As a professional outsourcing service provider, seven star blueprint will, as always, provide partners with professional, value for money "high-quality outsourcing services in a vibrating environment

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