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Setaria technology completed 150million yuan a+ round financing, future life under the AI virtual life strategy

Setaria technology completed 150million yuan a+ round financing, future life under the AI virtual life strategy

annual planned investment of 15.1 billion yuan

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original title: Setaria technology completed 150million yuan a+ round financing, Future life under AI virtual life strategy

in the past year, Shenzhen Setaria Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was an enterprise we focused on. They put forward a very interesting concept - virtual life fixture, which is different according to experimental methods. Gowild Setaria technology proposed the concept of "virtual life" in a paper - memory, emotion, understanding and interaction. Through knowledge map technology combined with semantic understanding, QA system, intelligent dialogue and other technologies, we have established a unique artificial intelligence life engine (gave), which has become an important tool to give AI a sense of life

the most typical example is IP amber, the virtual idol of gowild Setaria technology. Amber has its own preferences and personality characteristics. It likes purple, likes eating grapes, and likes to listen to others' praise. When users talk with amber, amber will show these personality characteristics. When users mention "purple", "grapes" and other things amber likes, they will get relevant feedback. AI, who has his own preferences, emotional fluctuations and remembers your characteristics, is slowly leaping from "tool" to "life"

how does the management view virtual life when obtaining a+ financing

now the capital sector has also begun to pay attention to this special AI enterprise. On October 24, 2018, "artificial intelligence virtual life pioneer" gowild Setaria technology announced the completion of 150million yuan a+ round of financing, which was invested by global service robot leader kevos (), led by Mingcheng venture capital, an industrial investment platform wholly held by Suzhou Gusu District SASAC, followed by Shenzhen Qianhai Yuzhou fund, and Zhijin capital as a financial adviser

Qian Dongqi, founder of covos robot, a strategic investment institution in this round, said: "Setaria is committed to building artificial intelligence virtual life, starting from 70million core secondary users. Such a strategic direction has a definite market space. The ability of Setaria team to define, design and implement software and hardware products can give more content and value to virtual life and an innovative lifestyle. Kevos' strategic investment in Setaria this time hopes to share good experience and bring it to Setaria and help the front OK. "

Wang Qi, chairman of Mingcheng venture capital, the leading investor, believes: "Setaria's virtual life robot is presented in the form of Pan entertainment. It seizes the opportunity of entertainment, combines entertainment with artificial intelligence, operates the fan economy, and breaks through the market situation of existing artificial intelligence robots. At the same time, Setaria has a strong and complete research and development team in hardware, software, AI technology, and the product has a large imagination space in the application of technology. As an investor, Setaria has given us a better understanding of the market and technology Big expectations. "

Yang Yi, founder of angel round investor Zhijin capital, said: "Zhijin capital, as an angel investor and boutique investment bank, has been with Setaria for many years. It is a great honor to help Setaria intelligent technology complete this round of financing and witness the development of Setaria with investors. With its self-developed" gave " The technology and operation process of virtual life engine completely depend on the operator's operation level. Based on the personalized knowledge map ability built on massive data, it has successfully created the "he amber" Ai virtual life product, which has been recognized by the market and investors. In the future, the amber vanity with independent content creation ability and open content ecosystem will bring a revolution to the future development of content ecosystem, and AI technology will also enter everyone's life in the form of life. "

Wang Yu, founding partner of Haiquan fund, said: "the products of Setaria vulgaris are in line with the characteristics of Haiquan fund in terms of hardware technology, voice semantic recognition, consumption scenarios and so on. The" he amber "developed by Setaria vulgaris and the excel report format output of program operation also reflect the birth and development of both sides in terms of cultural identity, fan economy Strategic layout and other matching factors, it is also our goal to be a content intelligent hardware AI company. In the future, the fund will also provide comprehensive channel docking, marketing integration, brand construction, project promotion and other resource introduction services for Setaria. "

under the "artificial intelligence virtual life" strategy, what will life be like in the future

gowild Setaria technology said that this round of financing is mainly used to further consolidate core technical barriers, create AI laboratories, expand brand influence, etc., in order to further promote the "artificial intelligence virtual life" strategy

then we can make some honest guesses about how the "artificial intelligence virtual life" strategy will appear in daily life

first of all, more and more devices in life scenes will become personalized AI assistants such as amber. Covos' investment in gowild Setaria technology has increased its layout on AI to some extent. With the strong market share of covos and the technical advantages of gowild Setaria technology, maybe in the future, we can operate covos household appliances or covos floor sweeping machines through he, and people can communicate with us like amber

at the same time, with the injection of capital, the IP of virtual life will become richer and richer, and it will be more closely linked with the entertainment industry. Amber's sense of nurturance and companionship itself is related to the idol industry and practice production industry that have been hot in recent years. Maybe we can see more virtual images with a sense of life in he in the future

finally, amber with a sense of life will certainly appear in more and more places and be recognized and accepted by more people. Previously, gowild Setaria technology has announced its cooperation with other manufacturers in new retail and car service. In the future, it may be accompanied by Amber when driving and shopping

gowild Setaria technology CEO Qiu Nan once said: "Setaria firmly believes that everyone will have their own virtual life in the future." I believe that the virtual life that belongs to you and me will also come soon

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