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In 2016, the seven "wind vanes" of the door and window industry

2015, where crisis and business opportunities coexist, is still one and a half months away. When summing up the gains and losses of the year, businesses from all walks of life also began to look forward to 2016: what prospects will the door and window industry have in the new year? "Prepare for a rainy day before you can calmly face it; carefully interpret it before you are surprised"

1. New market positioning, industry reshuffle is inevitable

industry reshuffle

the extensive development of the door and window industry over the years has been criticized by many people in the industry, and industry integration is the general trend. As expected, 2016 will be a difficult year, and many door and window enterprises and dealers will be confused and unable to find the direction. In addition, more and more consumers will also turn their attention to mobile terminals, and their brand awareness and demands will also rise. It will be extremely difficult for the traditional business model to survive, so many door and window manufacturers will leave this "family" in 2016

2. The high-end positioning of doors and windows will attract more attention

high-end positioning

consumers' demand and expectation for high-end door and window products are getting higher and higher. In 2015, the tentacles of high-end door and window products have been extended to many consumers. 2016 is approaching, and the future market demand for doors and windows will gradually converge to the high-end, and the sales volume and growth rate of high-end door and window products will also develop steadily

3. The demand for personalized customization is increasingly obvious

personalized customization

in 2014, the home furnishing market was depressed, but the customization industry broke out into a "Xintiandi". In 2015, industry customization is also advancing all the way. According to the statistics of public media data, the total amount of customization in the domestic market has reached billion yuan every year, and the market share will increase in the future; The market potential of customized home furnishings is unlimited. 2016 is not only the year when China's economy hit the bottom, but also the year when it hit the bottom and rebounded. I believe that the march of door and window customization will surely bring together people from all walks of life

4. The service value chain will improve the service system of the door and window home furnishing industry

in 2015, many door and window enterprises attach great importance to the brand and differentiated development of doors and windows. This trend will continue in 2016. In the household building materials industry with highly homogeneous products, service is undoubtedly a good entry point to distinguish the differences between enterprises. As the interconnected lines line up this garbage clearing device in the ocean and fix it under the sea area where the ocean current passes, the demand for services increases. More and more door and window enterprises attach importance to the introduction of services and strive to use services to drive the sales of products. At that time, the mode of product driven service will be obviously replaced by the sales mode of service driven products

5. Promotional activities are developing in a rational direction

promotional activities

under the shadow of the industry that does not promote or sell, promotional activities seem to have become a "lifesaving straw" to drive the development of the door and window industry. However, with the growing maturity of consumers, traditional promotion methods have been difficult to ignite consumers' buying enthusiasm. In this regard, the rational demand in promotional activities will be "awakened" again; Therefore, door and window enterprises and dealers need to treat the changes of the market and consumers more rationally, so as to promote the continuous development of the cause

6. The "battle for competition" of e-commerce channels is more intense

the impact of e-commerce channels

interconnection on the door and window industry is undoubtedly huge. Although there are many imperfections in the mode of production cost and money merchants in the current decline of door and window electricity, in recent years, many door and window enterprises have entered the field of e-commerce in high or low places; The idea of trying to reverse the war situation through the "powerful" network is no longer a new thing. In the future 2016, in addition to the typical network marketing, the sales channels of merchants will gradually diversify. The door and window home furnishing industry, which takes sales and service as the value demand, will examine its e-commerce development strategy more deeply. While e-commerce consumption returns to rationality, more enterprises will choose to use the Internet to guide offline passenger flow, so as to maximize the publicity role of the Internet. At the same time, the urgent demand of consumers for product experience also makes door and window enterprises that take refuge in the "e-commerce tribe" begin to improve their offline layout to better meet future challenges. Therefore, the outbreak of the "war of competition" for Internet sales channels should be sooner or later

7. Innovation and change is still the driving force for the development of enterprises

innovation and change

innovation and change is still the "main force" for enterprises to break through the siege. If the door and window enterprises and door and window dealers in 2016 still hold the same set of development mode and "wait for the hare" sales thinking, then the next person to be eliminated has been included in the list. Nowadays, door and window enterprises urgently need some innovative "strong ships and sharp guns" to avoid homogenization and the cruel "vortex" of the market. In 2016, China's door and window market will enter a new stage. Every brand, manufacturer and dealer needs to have more subversive operation modes and think of pendulum impact test machine maintenance methods to jointly "break" a development world. Therefore, innovation and change are the general trend and have to be done

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