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Towards industry 4.0: seven key trends of intelligent manufacturing

at present, general IOT equipment is changing industrial management and operation, and IOT equipment for specific industries is also becoming more powerful

at the same time, IOT has truly realized the transformation from traditional industry to intelligent manufacturing through the combination of automation technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing

in this transformation process, digital twinning, human-computer interaction, predictive maintenance, network security, elastic change, automation and edge computing are becoming seven key trends of intelligent manufacturing

these trends will also greatly change the relationship between machines, people and machines, people and people, prediction and operation, management and operation in the manufacturing industry, and promote the arrival of the industrial 4.0 era

1. Digital twin is a multi-disciplinary, multi physical, multi-scale, multi probability simulation process that makes full use of physical models, sensor updates, operation history and other data, and completes the mapping in the virtual space, so as to reflect the whole life cycle process of the corresponding physical equipment

digital twins provide virtual objects corresponding to physical components used in the industrial sector. For example, a robot arm that makes cars can be monitored using digital twins, which collect data about the operation of the robot arm and provide information about components that need regular maintenance or replacement

digital twins can make predictive maintenance easier and provide valuable visualization functions to improve efficiency. Although there are many ways to collect and manage IOT information, digital twins provides a more intuitive and powerful method

2 digital display hydraulic electronic universal experimental machine is the latest developed product Innovative human-machine interface

computer screens, even more primitive displays, are still dominant in the industrial field, but this situation is changing

when viewing equipment components, augmented reality applications can provide more valuable feedback and provide employees with IOT derived information about manufacturing equipment, so that the company can better manage and maintain; Virtual reality can also use more traditional technologies to provide powerful visualization functions for staff

vr and Ar are usually tailored to specific tasks. With the popularity and price decline of headgear and smart glasses, these technologies will become more popular, especially in industrial environments

3. Better predictive maintenance

for many years, predictive maintenance has been playing an increasingly important role in the industrial environment, and the continuous growth of IOT components also provides more information than before

combined with machine learning and other AI tools, modern industrial software is more effective than using personal experience to determine when equipment components need to be replaced

unlike other technologies, the benefits of predictive maintenance are easy to calculate. As an industrial IOT technology, predictive maintenance will certainly become an excellent assistant for industrial managers in the future, whose large-scale product production and market operation are basically carried out by large companies

4. Network security investment is becoming more and more important

in the early stage, IOT often appears disorderly in the process of performing tasks. At the same time, for many companies, safety equipment is not considered a top priority

now this situation is changing, and companies that are about to or have invested in IOT are increasingly taking measures to ensure that new investments are protected from cyber attacks

part of the reason for this change is that network attacks are becoming more and more rampant and profitable, and industrial equipment with low security is particularly attractive

one of the challenges facing manufacturing companies is to ensure that they use the correct security regulations and ensure the compliance of all operations, because there is no one-step solution that can 100% protect devices from attackers

5. More flexible transformation

due to the high cost of industrial equipment downtime, enterprises usually try to avoid the upgrading and transformation of hardware and software. Therefore, the transformation of industrial enterprises is sometimes very slow

however, comprehensively improving efficiency will force enterprises to adopt a more flexible way to operate. IOT and AI analysis sometimes lead to surprising results, because AI is very important for discovering related fields that humans may never explore

the long-term transformation of the real industry will find a faster way to adapt to informatization, and this measure will continue to increase in the next few years

6. More efficient automation technology

automation has always been the core of industry, and digital technology is expanding this trend. Enterprises can now rely on low-cost equipment to supplement a wider range of manufacturing components, rather than investing in expensive heavy equipment

the advantages of the pressure shear experimental machine are as follows:

as the automation system continues to prove its value, enterprises will invest more money and see significant efficiency improvements and lower labor costs

however, worker recruitment will remain strong, because even highly automated systems require people to monitor progress and find ways to maximize efficiency

7. More timely edge computing

the large amount of data collected by IOT components may be amazing, and one of the bottlenecks in IOT applications is to ensure that the system can monitor the necessary information in real time

therefore, a powerful component of IOT operations will rely on edge computing devices, which can collect, process and analyze data before it is sent to a more centralized server

although the investment in servers or off-site cloud solutions will continue to increase, the edge equipment will receive significant investment in the future, and alleviate some common processing pressures in the industrial environment where the verification regulations of tension, pressure and universal material testing machine and electronic universal testing machine play a leading role

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