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Set top boxes are expensive, users are difficult to accept, programs are scarce, and it is difficult to promote

from September 28, the first program of CCTV and Beijing Satellite TV, Shanghai Oriental satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, and Hunan Satellite TV will broadcast HD and SD TV programs simultaneously. Although there is no charge for watching at present, if you want to enjoy the "HD" audio-visual feast, you need to re purchase a 1680 yuan HD interactive set-top box. Because the price is too high and the programs are scarce, many Nanjing citizens say it is difficult to accept

citizens said that the price was too high to accept

they heard that HD TV programs would be broadcast free of charge. Last weekend, many citizens went to the business hall of Nanjing Radio and television with great interest for consultation, but they were "poured cold water". "A high-definition set-top box costs 1680 yuan, which is too expensive!" Moreover, set-top boxes and TVs are "one-to-one", which means that if you have two TVs at home to watch HD, you must buy two set-top boxes

"my family bought a wired digital set-top box only three months ago. 2. The material changes the choice of the accuracy grade of the experimental machine. If you change the height and add a small amount of watch oil to the set-top box, what about the original set-top box?" Consulting Nanjing Radio and Television Service Center, we learned that at present, the radio and Television Department does not have any services to recycle or upgrade the original digital set-top box

in addition, families without high-definition TVs at home also need to buy high-definition TVs. It is understood that the current market price of 32 inch high-definition TVs is at least 3500 yuan. "For our ordinary families, the cost of watching HD TV is too high to bear!" Ms. Liu, a citizen, expressed disappointment to

there are few programs, and it is difficult to promote HD viewing.

in addition to price constraints, the scarcity of HD channels and programs has also become an important reason why they are not accepted by the public. According to the customer service staff of Nanjing Radio and television, at present, there are four HD digital TV channels in China, namely CCTV HD, Shanghai wenguangxin vision, Shenzhen Shenshi HD and Huacheng HD. First of all, except CCTV HD, which can be watched for free, the other three are charged. At present, Nanjing HD digital TV users can only watch CCTV HD, and the five TVs that will be launched at the end of September pay attention to their shortage of key minerals and early respond to the station's HD programs, which are only temporarily free of charge

during the Olympic Games last year, high-definition set-top boxes were once popular in the market, but after the Olympic Games, the market sales plummeted. "After the Olympic Games, there will be no suitable good programs, and the HD set-top box seems to be useless." A citizen complained. In this regard, a relevant person from Jiangsu Satellite TV said that satellite TV has started to solve the technical problem of replacing HD. With the increasing number of HD channels, the popularity of HD TV is expected to be achieved in the next few years

"the HD TV market is not mature at present, and the demand is not hot." Analysts pointed out that a complete HD digital TV system includes: HD TV program source, HD set-top box, HD TV and necessary transmission network, all of which are indispensable. In order to complete the whole digital TV HD project, it also needs the synchronous development of various industrial chains such as HD data production and transmission. Experts also suggested that HD TV program content providers and radio and television departments should make breakthroughs in reducing fees and providing complete supporting services, so as to fully reflect the value of digital TV platforms. Jiangnan times

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