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Setra released the industry's first remote differential pressure transmitter 231rs

Setra (West), the global leader in micro differential pressure measurement, launched the new multi sense 231rs industry's first multi configuration wet/wet differential pressure transmitter with sensors. It will provide more reliable and cost-effective options for applications such as energy management system, process control system, flow measurement of various gases or liquids, liquid level measurement of pressure vessels, weak stability in domestic mineral market, etc

2 the outstanding performance of the multi sense 231r is that the low-end product has excess capacity. The S-type transmitter is equipped with remote sensors, which can greatly save manpower, materials and time. The sensor is directly installed in the pipeline and electrically connected between the remote transmitter and the 231rs model through cable or pipeline, which can save one third of the labor cost and reduce the cost of copper wire connecting the pressure sensor and the pipeline. Since it is not necessary to purge the air in the pipeline, the start-up time can be shortened. The multi sense 231 wet/wet differential pressure sensor has a comprehensive design, providing users with functions such as on-site re adjustment of range, selection of output mode and on-site zeroing. Its main features are as follows:

■ each device provides four one-way and four two-way switches to ensure the accuracy of the equipment

■ optional pressure range

■ pipeline version and cable version

■ field optional output: 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5, 1 ~ 5, 0 ~ 10 vdc

■ field button zeroing and remote zeroing

■ jumper optional port switching

■ optional LCD display

■ all cast aluminum, NEMA level 4 standard housing

■ conforms to CE and ROHS standards

for details, please log in to the company website: or call: 4006661802

setra systems, Inc

setra systems, Inc. was founded in 1967, joined Danaher group in 2001, and is an active participant in DBS. Setra is famous for its capacitor technology in the world. The revolutionary high-precision variable capacitance conversion principle invented by Dr. Y.T. Li and Dr. S.Y. Lee, the founders of Setra, has obtained more than 30 patents and is the technical core of Setra's pressure, acceleration and weighing products. After nearly 40 years of research, development and continuous improvement, s processing performance and electrical performance are better. ETRA micro differential pressure and temperature and humidity measurement products are famous in hvac/r, industrial process control, measurement and testing, environmental parameter measurement, semiconductor ultra pure measurement and other fields

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