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Integrating control and operation, it forms a wholesale exhibition carrier - b&r power panel pp45

after the test of time, the B rpowerpanel product family that has successfully operated in the market has added a new member - powerpanelpp45. Compact size, integrated control, display and i/o interfaces make it a cost-effective complete solution for mechanical manufacturing

pp45 communication adopts Ethernet and x2xlink. In addition, it has an interface card slot. According to customer requirements, pp45 can be expanded in many ways, such as ethernetpowerlink, can bus, profibusdp, or rs485/rs232, so as to meet the stringent requirements of various project applications

all groups of 10 years ago and 5.7 "qvgalcd display screens are integrated into a compact shell. The screen is divided into black-and-white and color. In addition, function keys and touch screens are optional. There is no fan operation, and the front end is IP65 protected. Therefore, pp45 can be used in all kinds of harsh environments.

b rpp45

b R (begalay,) The company was jointly founded by Mr. benek and Mr. reinner in 1979. Since the establishment of "falling in love" between partners and entrepreneurial platform, Br has been committed to industrial automation technology innovation and leading the trend of technological development. Excellent and open products meet customers' needs to the greatest extent, making customers' products highly personalized and competitive. Br provides the industry with not only automation product technology, but a complete set of automation solutions. In 1996, B.R. came to China and is committed to providing Chinese users with high-quality automation products and unique technical solutions, as well as the whole process technical services based on the concept of "perfect automation". Nowadays, b r products have been widely used in mechanical automation and process automation fields such as electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical and municipal engineering in many industries such as plastics, packaging, printing, textile and food in China. Today, in addition to its headquarters in Shanghai, B & R has set up offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan and Xi'an, and has established joint industrial control laboratories and technical training centers with local well-known universities on how to use materials reasonably, safely and efficiently. This excellent team in China has been helping and supporting the implementation of customer automation solutions. While pursuing perfect automation, baccalais is a worldwide partner in industrial automation. "Perfectioninautomation" and "yourworldwideautomation partner" accurately describe the mission and pursuit of baccalais in the field of industrial automation

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