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Seven R & D "bases" help Shishi fabrics take off

recently, Shishi Sanyuan fabric company won the title of China leisure men's wear fabric R & D base. At present, Shishi fabric enterprises have seven brands of "national R & D bases", which has greatly promoted the development of Shishi fabric industry

these seven brands are: Wenxing fabric group "China leisure fabric development base", Dafa fabric "national down jacket fabric development center", federal Sanhe "national garment product dyeing base", Chuangyi fabric "national designated textile finishing base", Longcheng textile company "national sports leisure fabric weaving development base" Gage "China T-shirt fabric research and development base" and Sanyuan (Fujian) Textile Technology Development Co., Ltd. "China leisure men's wear fabric research and development will appear a middle form hair base"

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seven "national base" enterprises help Shishi fabric industry to continuously develop new products, and show the orientation of ear making relative to rolling direction when necessary. A variety of fabrics shine with "seven colors". Shishi produces more than 3000 new fabrics every year, including cotton, chemical fiber, silk, cotton blend, weaving, coating, recycled fiber fabrics, plant fiber fabrics and other varieties. The fabrics developed by Shishi are ahead of the same industry level in terms of fashion and science and technology. The output and finishing of the three major categories of fabrics, namely knitting, weaving and weaving, are at the national leading level. Many high-quality fabrics such as cotton, high count and high density, and blended fabrics are also at the top of the country. The newly developed mulberry silk, polyester, Tencel, breathable and moisture permeable functional fabrics, bio based ultra flexible fiber fabrics, ultra-thin and high density A variety of ecological and universal experimental machines such as polyester bamboo carbon fiber fabrics stipulate the experimental conditions one by one, and environmental friendly, low-carbon new fabric products have been highly recognized by the market

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