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Is the history of agricultural robots so interesting

Abstract: after the emergence of agricultural robots, they have developed rapidly. Many types of agricultural robots have emerged in the research and development of agricultural robots in many countries. At present, Japan ranks first in the world

agricultural robot is a kind of machine, which is the application of robot in agricultural production. It is a new generation of unmanned automatic operation machine that can be controlled by different program software to adapt to various operations, can feel and adapt to crop types or environmental changes, and has artificial intelligence such as detection (such as vision) and calculus

after the emergence of agricultural robots, they have developed rapidly. Many countries have developed many types of agricultural robots in the research and development of agricultural robots. At present, Japan ranks first in the world. After entering the 21st century, new multi-functional agricultural robots have been increasingly widely used, and intelligent robots will increasingly replace manual work to complete all kinds of agricultural work in the vast fields. The second agricultural revolution will develop in depth.. Different from industrial robots, it is a new type of multifunctional agricultural machinery. The agricultural robot has made the film have excellent smoothness and has been widely used, which has changed the traditional agriculture. For this reason, the company has implemented the Department 1 leader responsibility system, which has reduced the labor force of farmers and promoted the development of modern agriculture

the history of agricultural robots is divided into two stages. Before 2000, agricultural robots were mechanical and electrical automation equipment, and after 2000, they were automation equipment added with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine vision

2000 years ago

1794, Eli Whitney invented the cotton ginning machine, which can quickly separate cotton fiber and cotton seeds. In that year, a machine produced 45 kilograms of clean cotton every day, equivalent to hundreds of labor hours, which revolutionized the cotton industry

1827, Edwi met the challenge n budding invented the mower instead of the sickle

in 1834, Cyrus hall McCormick invented the harvester, applied for a patent, built a factory to produce and sell the harvester, and became one of the richest people in the United States at that time

1917, Henry Ford introduced the Fordson tractor, which was the first mass-produced tractor

In 1918, Carl Gustav created the first commercial milking machine

In 1979, the shearing machine was born, eliminating the monotonous work of shearing wool

from 2000 to now

in 2007, the Ag tracker, which scanned fruits and collected soil and seed data, was invented

in 2012, the robot HV-100, which can move potted seedlings in the plant nursery room, was developed. In the same year, the lettuce BOT, which can remove excess seeds from the lettuce land, was born. In 2012, the wall Ye robot, which can cut or cultivate grapevines, was born. The robot can collect data on soil health and grape inventory

in 2013, a robot picking strawberries was born. The robot uses two digital cameras to capture the color of strawberries, judge the maturity of strawberries, and pick ripe strawberries

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