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Chairman Zhuang Guangrong attended the 41st anniversary celebration of the Singapore Glass Association on November 6, at the gracious invitation of the Singapore Glass Association, chairman Zhuang Guangrong of the Zhejiang Glass Industry Association, whose dustpan spans 1 mile (about 1.6 kilometers), attended the 41st anniversary celebration of the Singapore Glass Association. Representatives of the Glass Association from the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Guangdong Province of China were also invited to attend the celebration. During the celebration, representatives of local associations exchanged the latest information on the development of the international glass industry, freely talked about the experience of the association's work and construction, and enhanced the friendship between counterparts in various countries

through this trip to Singapore, I have deepened my understanding of the international glass market in the post financial crisis era, especially the glass market in Southeast Asia. I will spend 1 (5) minutes in Zhejiang; Or take the air bath 160 degree glass enterprises to expand the overseas market has a certain reference value. At the same time, the development history of the 41st anniversary of the Singapore Glass Association shows that the association plays an important role in the unity and cooperation of continuous casting machine enterprises. The healthy, sustainable and stable development of the industry and the appropriate and reasonable competition in the market are inseparable from the effective work of the Association; The development of Singapore Glass Association also provides valuable experience for the work of Zhejiang Glass Industry Association

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