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Daily chemical industry: hose demand is growing fastest

with the fierce competition in the daily chemical industry, many daily chemical enterprises are trying their best to make their products recognized by consumers. Of course, enterprises also spend a lot of effort on packaging. From the perspective of the development of the world packaging industry, although plastic packaging materials have been facing the serious challenge of environmental problems, plastic packaging has still become one of the fastest growing materials in the packaging industry

Li Bin, the marketing manager of Shanghai Qunxin packaging hose Co., Ltd., told that from a global perspective, the procurement centers of many multinational enterprises are gradually shifting to inland China. Relatively speaking, the hose production technology is not high-tech, so there is little change in the production process and raw material procurement

in recent years, some small hose manufacturers in the Chinese market have emerged continuously, and the industry competition has intensified. The sharp rise in global raw material prices has made the profit space of the hose industry smaller and smaller. From the customer's point of view, the customer's demand continues to increase, which is reflected in the increased requirements for materials and the longer shelf life of cosmetics. Therefore, more and more customers choose to use composite tubes and pearlescent tubes instead of the previous white tubes (single-layer tubes). In terms of technology, offset printing and heat transfer printing are the most widely used technologies

Li Bin also talked about the problem of disorderly competition that the software will find out in all the experimental data tube markets at present. In order to seize customer resources and enhance their popularity, some small enterprises do not hesitate to keep the price down to the bottom line, and even "our TORLON Pai processor certification is operating at a loss, so that the hose is sold by the pound.". Li Bin said that as a senior enterprise in hose production, its own advantage lies in its consistent excellent quality and high-quality service. He also revealed that in 2004, the total output of Junxin hose reached more than 85 million tubes. With the increase of customer sources and business volume, it is a big pull force. It is estimated that the total production in 2005 will exceed 100million tubes

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