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The first basketball game of Zoomlion Heavy industrial vehicles was a wonderful curtain call. The first "Zoomlion forklift Cup" basketball game was held in June in order to further promote the unity and cooperation of all departments, activate the company's cultural atmosphere and enrich the amateur life of employees. From June 18 to July 10, the competition lasting for more than half a month finally ended with the successful conclusion of the championship competition on July 10. In this year's plum rain season, foreign minister Ge was either scorching in the sun or pouring in the rain. The majority of Zoomlion people live in "hot water". Even so, it can not stop Zoomlion forklift basketball fans from loving the basketball game

the smooth development of this basketball game can not be separated from the positive response of all departments. Those with a small number of departments have also formed teams across departments to participate in the game. After six rounds of fierce competition, the ecological team of the manufacturing technology department finally met with the structure, overseas and operation management teams in the finals, and the championship competition was launched on the afternoon of July 10. The athletes of both sides are close at work, so they need to raise the recycling rate of domestic wrapping paper to 89% and 91% in 2019 and 2020 respectively. However, they compete with each other on the court without any humility, and do not miss any chance to score. After fierce competition, the manufacturing technology team won the first place in this basketball game by 42:31 over the structure, overseas and operation management teams, with 6 Safety protection device: the battalion management team won the second place in terms of pattern breaking shutdown, overload protection, beam limit position protection, overcurrent, overvoltage and overspeed protection. This championship competition brought a visual feast to the majority of basketball fans. Both sides of the participating teams showed their level and style, fully showing the spirit of the people of Zoomlion who dare to fight

although the championship competition is wonderful, the third place competition is even more impressive. There is a big difference between the technical and purchasing teams and the general manager and the painting team in terms of team strength. When people are not optimistic and know that they will lose the game, the technical and purchasing teams still do not give up. They bravely stand on the court and play chess with the opponent's general manager and the painting team without slacking off the game. Instead, they try their best to keep the score, try their best to pull in the score distance with the opponent, and persist until the whistle blows at the end of the game. Finally, the general manager and painting team defeated the technical and purchasing teams by 30:16, and won the third place in this basketball game. Although the technical and purchasing teams lost the game, they won themselves. This is the real game! Let us never give up on difficulties. We must believe that even if we fail, the growth track of the whole team will not be covered up

the basketball game not only enriched the leisure and cultural life of the employees, but also stimulated the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees to actively participate in physical exercise, enhanced the friendship of the employees, cultivated the team spirit and enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise. The game achieved the expected results. At the same time, with the unique charm of the basketball game, it showed us the moving demeanor of Zoomlion forklift truck employees who are vigorous, hardworking and United. Let our struggle be more valuable. In the hottest season, we sweat the most, just for the unquenchable fire of pursuing success and excellence in our hearts

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