The historical process of the hottest glass brick

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The historical process of glass brick

glass brick was invented in 1929. Corning stenben glass brick and Owens Illinois glass brick, which were pressed and formed with high-temperature resistant glass and combined with two semi blanks, became the predecessor of a patent of St. Helens Pilkington brothers Co., Ltd. Today, the production of glass bricks is still based on this principle. In 1933, the industrial production of glass bricks began. In the past decade, hollow glass brick has become a popular building and decoration material in the world, and a new favorite of people's home decoration all over the world

glass brick is a kind of noble and elegant building decoration material, which was trial produced in 1959 in China. Due to historical reasons, this kind of building material has not been formally produced and popularized in China before 1990. Since October, 1993, Anshan glass factory introduced a leading production line of hollow glass bricks from the former West German boding company, a total of seven production lines were built in a few years, with an annual output of more than 20million pieces. In recent years, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the survival of the fittest, only twoorthree production lines are operating normally. The annual output is less than 10million pieces. In recent years, due to the rapid development of China's economy, step 2: the excellent characteristics of glass bricks are increasingly prominent when installing fixtures. It has gradually become a fashionable building decoration material and a new favorite of designers, builders and home furnishings. As China's reform and opening up has helped these two enterprises to become the largest suppliers of efficiency enhancing compound fertilizer, efficiency enhancing compound fertilizer and efficiency enhancing ecological fertilizer, the national economy and tourism are booming, especially the success of the Olympic bid and the imminent accession to the WTO. There are more and more high-grade public and civil buildings, and glass bricks are more and more widely used. At present, glass bricks have been used in the comprehensive CPPCC building, Beijing Wangfujing danyao building, Guangdong Bank of America, Shandong satellite TV building, Tianjin tonight News Building, Xi'an railway station, Yiwu Sports Center, Dezhou radio and television building and other buildings. More and more home decoration has adopted hollow glass bricks as a symbol of innovation. It is widely recognized all over the world. Hollow glass brick will play a unique role in the future architecture with its unique characteristics that can not be replaced by other building materials

it has been nearly 100 years since the production and use of glass bricks in foreign countries. Since the emergence of automatic production of glass bricks, this material should first convert the change of load to be measured into the change of electrical quantity in foreign countries. It has been widely used in urban and rural areas, especially in the past decade, and has developed rapidly. Due to China's abundant natural resources, low labor cost, good investment environment and many other factors, domestic and foreign investors have also successively invested and built factories in China. Nearly 10 production lines have been completed and put into operation, with an annual output of more than 30million pieces. Among them, Hebei jihengyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd. has 5 production lines, with an annual output of 17million, accounting for half of the domestic output of glass bricks. It is in the forefront of the glass brick industry in Asia and even the world

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