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On the evening of June 7, a basketball friendly match showing unity and enthusiasm was launched with the joint participation of two company members, new Dihao and our company

on the evening of June 7, on the court where sweat was splashed and pressure was released, a basketball friendly game showing unity and enthusiasm was held with the joint participation of two company members, new Dihao and our company. The athletes of the two teams were dressed in neat uniforms, looking energetic and energetic, and a fierce game was ready to go

life lies in sports. Only with good physique can we better devote ourselves to work and life. Through sports competitions, we can enhance the spirit of cooperation between teams and deepen the friendship between the two sides of the competition. The team members actively participated in the competition in the spirit of "friendship first, competition second, and participation". With the referee's whistle, the basketball was thrown out of the air, and the players of both sides jumped to compete with each other, and the wonderful game officially began. The competition was intense and the atmosphere was warm. The basketball court was brightly lit, surrounded by leaders and colleagues who paid attention to the game, and constantly shouted cheers for the two teams of hot-blooded athletes, and cheers and cheers resounded throughout the factory

the players of both sides catch up with each other, attack and defend, intercept, dribble, shoot, and lay up in three steps. The ball scored and won cheers. Our team members skillfully pass and attack on the court with their professional basketball skills, which will perfectly show their vibrant style. The new Dihao team members played steadily, cooperated tacitly under the guidance of senior coaches, and took the lead with high morale and full passion. The new Dihao team has a breakthrough with the ball, and the use of offensive and defensive tactics is flexible. A series of actions are like flowing clouds and flowing water

after nearly an hour of duel, the new Dihao team won the game with a lead of 10 points. Life lies in sports, which is a hearty activity. Athletes sweat on the court to show their style. New Dihao holds relevant cultural activities from time to time to promote the feelings and teamwork among employees. The successful holding of this basketball game not only enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, but also greatly improved the sense of honor and centripetal force of new Dihao people. The victory of new Dihao people on the court shows a kind of courage, a kind of strength, a kind of courage. New Dihao people work together, cooperate with each other, forge ahead bravely, and constantly surpass themselves. New Dihao people play a warm and positive character on the court, which reflects the strong execution and the "sword" spirit of not admitting defeat. The success of the basketball friendly match has strengthened the deep friendship between new Dihao and our team. We hope that new Dihao people will give full play to their competitive spirit of continuous struggle, unity and cooperation on the court, and strive to climb the peak and create brilliance




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