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100 broken bridge one-piece casement window * Gold oak

how important the window is for a house. The window can let us enjoy the outdoor scenery and absorb the fresh air. It is more important to have a high-quality window. Kangying's boutique 100 broken bridge integrated casement window is of superior quality, powerful function, high-end atmosphere and fashion. 100 broken bridge integrated casement window creates a quiet and warm home

100 bridge broken one-piece casement color version

product features

steel gauze net:

the ventilation, anti-theft and anti mosquito effect that the built-in steel gauze fan can achieve, high-end atmosphere, durable, easy to disassemble and wash

double sided tempered glass:

100 bridge broken integrated casement window adopts double-sided hollow tempered glass, which is characterized by sound insulation, heat insulation, good sealing, and radiation and ultraviolet protection

imported hardware accessories:

100 bridge broken integrated casement window adopts imported hardware accessories, metal pressure casting, surface oil spray treatment, compact structure, high strength, ensuring the safety and reliability of doors and windows. Doors and windows are flexible, durable, comfortable and beautiful

broken bridge profile:

the profile frame material is used to design the integrated golden gauze steel mesh screen window, the profile design with the outer frame width of 100mm

structural design:

AkzoNobel powder spraying, Italian heat transfer printing wood grain, fluorocarbon spraying, colorful, and different surface treatment and color matching can be adopted for the inner and outer surfaces of the door leaf. Clear and bright appearance, excellent structural design, chic and delicate

sealant strip:

the principle of equal pressure and pressure reduction between the outer frame and the inner fan. Silicone or EPDM sealant strip is installed inside, which has better sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, waterproof and air tightness

handle lock:

European standard notch design. The inner leaf adopts an integrated design, which integrates the batten and the window sash. There are conductive strips and handle transmission components inside, and clutch handles outside. Multi point locks can be set as needed, four connecting rod 304# hinges, account opening angle 0 ~ 88 degrees, and good wind resistance





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