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The bathroom is the private space of the home and also the source of odor. To keep the bathroom clean, deodorization is the primary task. The odor sources in the toilet may be pipeline problems, human excreta, and the breeding of bacteria. There are many specific deodorization methods in the toilet. This article will give a brief introduction to the deodorization methods, deodorizer, deodorization companies and deodorization transformation of the toilet

deodorization method in the toilet 1

(1) ventilation. The odor source in the toilet may be caused by the narrow exhaust duct and poor natural ventilation. It is difficult to eliminate the odor in the toilet in windless weather. Therefore, maintaining the ventilation and indoor dryness of the toilet is the preferred way to deodorize the toilet, and it can also prevent the breeding of bacteria in the toilet

(2) for proper sewer installation, the odor source of the toilet may be the odor of the sewer. Therefore, attention should be paid to the floor drain water seal height of 50mm when the toilet sewer is decorated; Avoid pipe odor entering the room; The floor drain should be about 10mm lower than the ground, and the drainage volume should be increased to avoid blockage and waste odor; The surrounding area of the floor drain shall be treated smoothly to avoid the blockage caused by dirt and the breeding of bacteria; The opening diameter of the floor drain grate should be controlled between 6 ~ 8mm, which is conducive to the discharge of my hair and sludge

(3) choose effective deodorant. The odor in the bathroom comes from human excreta. Good toilet cleaner can be selected for regular cleaning; Or light some incense to deodorize; Putting a small cup of balsamic vinegar in the bathroom can also eliminate the odor. Balsamic vinegar can be replaced once a week; Or use activated carbon to absorb the peculiar smell of the bathroom, such as drying the tea leaves left by drinking tea and burning them in the bathroom

toilet deodorant 2

toilet deodorant can choose two ways: odor absorption and fumigation. Here is a brief introduction to the specific deodorants used in these two ways

(1) balsamic vinegar deodorizes. Balsamic vinegar placed in the bathroom will volatilize vinegar molecules and react with ammonia to produce ammonium acetate without odor, so as to achieve the effect of odor

(2) supermarket toilet cleaner, with liquid, can be dropped into the toilet to deodorize; There are blocks, which can be put into the water tank, and there is a fragrance when flushing the toilet

(3) coke, mix coke and detergent into the toilet to get rid of the peculiar smell

(4) bamboo charcoal or activated carbon can absorb the peculiar smell of the toilet, but it should be replaced regularly and the toilet should be ventilated

(5) cooling oil. Peppermint oil, camphor oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil, etc. in the cooling oil are all from natural plants, and their components can react with odor gas to achieve deodorization effect. Open the cover and put it in the corner until it evaporates

(6) peel, orange peel, grapefruit peel, etc. have their own fragrance. Placing them around the bathroom can achieve a good effect of removing odor

(7) light incense to cover the odor of neutralizing the bathroom with the fragrance of incense

(8) plants. Green plants such as Chlorophytum comosum, ivy, mint and lemon grass are placed in the bathroom, which can deodorize and freshen the air

toilet deodorization company 3

toilet odor also has some difficult problems, and some deodorization companies have emerged according to people's needs

(1) Shenzhen Longgang District Qingxin Meiwei business department has been engaged in the toilet deodorization industry for more than 10 years, has mastered professional deodorization technology, and has experienced deodorization management masters. Focus on the overall deodorization of bathroom, deodorization treatment of kitchen sewer outlet, floor drain transformation and installation, etc

(2) Shenzhen shunwanjia Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. has advanced equipment of various sizes, rich experience, reasonable price, quality and quantity. Focus on various indoor and outdoor deodorization work such as pipeline dredging (municipal pipeline, sewage pipe, rainwater pipe, toilet, floor drain, sewer, etc.)

(3) Zhengzhou xiuminghuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in odor, odor wastewater and wastewater treatment

toilet deodorization transformation 4

the deodorization methods of the above toilets are only some indicators that do not cure the root cause. To eradicate the toilet odor, it is necessary to prevent toilet odor. Each toilet should have a drainage, sewage and odor discharge system, namely DWV. The design of this system is to prevent the sewage gas, such as odor, serious biogas and bacteria, from rushing back to our home when the waste water is discharged, which is harmful to our health





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