Five bathrooms are decorated with Feng Shui taboos

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Now the house price is getting higher and higher, so the developers have little reservation for the bathroom space in the decoration design of new houses. However, the bathroom is one of the most frequently accessed spaces in the home, so the bathroom decoration design is very important. At the same time, toilet decoration Feng Shui is also very important. Because when decorating, consider more Feng Shui factors, which can make life smooth. Now let's take a look at the five feng shui taboos in the bathroom with Xiaobian

toilet decoration Feng Shui taboo

first, the bathroom adopts the separation of dry and wet

the shower area should be equipped with a shower sliding door or hung with a shower curtain, and the washbasin, toilet and shower area should be separated into dry and wet areas, so it is not only easy to tidy up, but also more convenient and hygienic to use, not only has a good atmosphere, can make the family healthy, but also improve family transportation

the separation of dry and wet can also reduce the chance of falling and bruise, and avoid the accidental risk of electric leakage and electric shock when using the fan

second, the bathroom has windows

it is best to have windows in the bathroom and keep them open at any time. Feng Shui can add points to the health of family members. Especially when taking a bath in winter, it's best to open some to let the heat escape, so as to avoid chest tightness and shock caused by insufficient Yang

III. close the bathroom and toilet doors at any time.

the toilet door must be closed casually. Do not open the toilet door without opening the exhaust fan and lamp in order to save money, so as to achieve a dehumidified and dry environment; As a result, in exchange for the humidity and dirt in the whole house, of course, the luck of the whole family will get worse and worse

IV. the toilet should be covered at any time when it is not in use

the toilet has more negative images than any other fixed facilities in the bathroom. Feng Shui also believes that the toilet will produce negative energy, so Feng Shui experts suggest that the toilet should be covered at any time when it is not in use. Avoid negative energy sucking away positive energy from your home

v. positive energy objects are placed in the bathroom

common building materials in the bathroom, such as ceramic tiles, porcelain, etc., are all negative energy building materials. Therefore, feng shui masters suggest placing some objects that can increase positive energy in the bathroom, such as candles, thick bath towels, small carpets, etc. These objects can balance the Yin and yang energy of the bathroom




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