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[Yihe doors and windows] with the rise of social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, price is not the only consideration standard for consumers to shop. At the same time, the high-end wooden door market has been further expanded, and positioning "high-end" has become the goal of many Guangdong wooden door enterprises. However, in the battle of "high-end" battlefield, Guangdong wooden door enterprises have been defeated. Therefore, in order to win this market, Guangdong wooden door enterprises also need hard power to prove

the brand still needs to be developed

for Guangdong wooden door enterprises, no enterprise can achieve an all-round "take all" situation in the market. As far as the high-end market is concerned, it is like the "night pearl" on the tip of the pyramid. It is the highest position that all Guangdong wooden door enterprises want to seize, and it also reflects the comprehensive strength of their own brands; And the top brands that do have strong strength can even become the spokesmen of the domestic industry in the world. At this level, although there are many local wooden door enterprises in Guangdong positioning high-end brands, I'm afraid they still need to make more efforts to call them the best in the industry and even in the country

high end needs to be willing to invest

Guangdong wooden door enterprises need to know that doing high-end industry must be a project requiring high investment, which requires continuous innovation and coping with the diversified needs of the market. If at the beginning of development, high-end products should be regarded as a conscious behavior of Guangdong wooden door enterprises to seek product differentiation, then when many Guangdong wooden door enterprises are under the banner of "high-end", products are once again facing homogeneous competition. Therefore, Guangdong wooden door enterprises need to focus on the standardized management of terminal channels and professional services for after-sales maintenance

for Guangdong wooden door enterprises, they need to focus on the value of their products in order to position high-end products and make a difference. They must undergo multiple baptisms and continuously improve their comprehensive strength before they can truly create high-end products in China's wooden door industry

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