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Modern simplicity, as a simple, atmospheric and high-grade decoration style, is becoming more and more popular. Simple design not only captured the hearts of the older generation, but also made the younger generation fall in love with it. Next, we will tell you about modern simplicity decoration with a modern simplicity decoration of Contemporary East Lake No. 1

[Contemporary East Lake No.1 two bedroom and two hall decoration house type diagram]:

house type: two bedrooms, two halls and one bathroom

area: 93 square meters

style: modern simplicity

[modern simple decoration effect diagram]:

in terms of furniture configuration, white light series furniture, with unique luster, makes the furniture feel fashionable, comfortable and beautiful. In accessories, the main colors of black, white and gray are continued, and the simple shape and perfect details create a fashionable and avant-garde feeling

simplicity is not equal to simplicity. It is the extension of design and ideas after careful consideration and innovation. It is not a simple "stacking" and light "placement", unlike the "straightforward" understanding of some designers. For example, the design of bedside background is simple to only have a cross pendant, but it condenses the designer's originality, which is both beautiful and practical

simplicity also embodies a modern "consumption view". That is, pay attention to life taste, pay attention to healthy fashion, and pay attention to reasonable and economical scientific consumption

the simple style gives people a comfortable visual and tactile effect, and there is no unnecessary burden, which makes people feel depressed. In this competitive society, if you want to get a good adjustment, such a decoration style caters to the living habits of the city

in modern simple decoration, the most simple is to make the space look very simple and atmospheric. I believe this style of decoration will always guide the decoration industry to go more stable and long-term. The above is the appreciation of the renderings of modern simple style decoration introduced by Xiaobian. In addition, friends who are interested in the ranking of Wuhan decoration companies and who need decoration can sign up for relevant activities through Wuhan home decoration network, or find a suitable decoration company through Wuhan home decoration network [decoration bidding] platform. There is also a big promotion of group package discounts in small areas. Wuhan home decoration network is fully supported and supervised by Hubei decoration industry association. Wuhan is the only platform that truly provides third-party decoration supervision services, so that you can really rest assured of decoration! [free entrance application for decoration scheme budget]




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