Six decoration budgets are easy to overspend

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"After buying a new house, the economy is tense, but I want to spend less money to install a decent house.". This is a common psychology of many decorators

"after buying a new house, the economy is tense, but I want to spend less money to install a decent house". This is a common psychology of many decorators. It's really hard to sum up some "golden laws" when it comes to budget saving. By analyzing the budgets of nearly 100 owners, we have summed up six places where the budget is easy to overspend

I. overspending of redundant design

design is the first step of decoration, and it is also a key step to determine the approximate budget. A good designer can let you spend money on the blade first. The design of TV background wall and too many spotlights is more budget consuming

editor's suggestion: removing these unnecessary design schemes can save a lot of money for the budget, which is very worthy of reference

II. Overspending of design change

"suddenly think of a good idea". Sometimes the owner or designer will have such an idea, which is a signal of changing the design scheme, which means that the budget may be increased

editor's suggestion: at this time, we should first understand the situation and see whether the change of the scheme is necessary. Generally, try to consider clearly when doing the design in the early stage. It is better not to change the design scheme unless you have to

III. overspending of self purchased materials

building materials are a relatively large part of the decoration expenditure, which can also be considered when saving the budget. In the budget table, materials can be divided into two parts. One is the materials purchased by the decoration company. Because the price and consumption of these materials are relatively fixed, there is little possibility of overspending. The corresponding materials purchased by the owner will increase the possibility of overspending

editor's suggestion: when shopping in the decoration market, owners are easily attracted by a wide range of materials. They will have the mentality of "having spent 2000 yuan, plus 500 yuan to buy a good one", and the budget will be overspent unknowingly. Therefore, you must first grasp your mentality in order to control the "rice" in your pocket, especially when purchasing electrical appliances and furniture, which are most likely to overspend

IV. overspending of material replacement

in the budget table, some materials are purchased by the decoration company. For example, in this budget, the owner of this Nobel tile saw that once the decoration company was transported to the construction site, the owner would ask for replacement of materials if he was dissatisfied, and the budget might also increase

editor's suggestion: when the owner changes materials, it is suggested to refer to the following principles:

1. No province inside the wall and no province outside the wall. Decorations, curtains, lamps and lanterns hung on the wall are relatively cheap

2. The switch is not saved, and the socket is saved. Sockets are generally used less frequently. Televisions, refrigerators and other electrical appliances will not be unplugged after plugged in, so you can use some general products

3. The ground is not saved, and the facade is saved. The paint on the wall doesn't matter whether it's five in one or three in one. Just buy ordinary goods of famous brands

v. overexpenditure of indefinite items

in many budgets, the words "wires, spotlights, switches, sockets, etc. are calculated according to the actual situation" are usually indicated in the final remarks column. These uncertain places in the budget are easy to overspend. Since it is difficult for owners to calculate the consumption of this part, they are often uncertain about how much it will cost, and the possibility of overspending is high

editor's suggestion: although it is an indefinite item, you can find some small methods. For example, the length of PVC conduit can be used as a reference for the amount of wire. In fact, the general dosage decoration company can still help you calculate it. Although it may be inaccurate, it can be used as your reference

VI. overexpenditure of separate budget

this part of the budget actually belongs to the overexpenditure of indefinite items, such as floor heating, customized cabinets, intelligent wiring, etc. because these equipment are not budgeted by the decoration company, owners are generally not familiar with the pricing method of these equipment, and most of them only leave a rough amount when preparing the budget

editor's suggestion: on the one hand, the calculation method of this kind of budget is more complex, and on the other hand, decorators are not familiar with how businesses calculate it. In the face of this kind of budget, it is suggested that you can ask more companies to quote and select the appropriate budget scheme through comparison




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