Simple and simple, creating a super sweet style ho

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The table top of the dining table is simple and lovely. The polished rough table top and the deliberately rusty iron table legs seem to be an old movie being shown. When the golden champagne and exquisite Candlestick appear at the same time, another way of emotional expression created in the room arises spontaneously. Time flows, but it is still sweet

light blue was originally the color of youth, but when light blue was given the mottled treatment, everything seemed to start to become different. The wooden wall and exposed metal pipes are like the sour kiwi fruit in the sweet cream cake, which rekindles people's excited nerves

pure white and elegant green, seemingly ancient furniture, are outlining the tone of the room here. However, a corner of the room that originally seemed ordinary began to become different because of the retro edge pattern of the wooden chair, the exquisite carving of the flowerpot, and the exquisite design around the screen. In those simple expressions, details can change the scenery

the desks and cabinets that seem to have experienced the baptism of time, several old books that have seen the traces of time, and the carved mirror frame that also seems to pass through time, seem to be telling the feelings left by time. Only the delicate gentian flowers and the silk scarves inadvertently flowing out of the drawer have brought a trace of sweet vitality to the simplicity

log wooden doors have become the most simple and eye-catching interior decoration in the space. Change a way of thinking for people's simplicity. Simplicity can be some deliberate grinding marks on the corners of the table, the purity of the log wooden door, or the pure white wooden single armchair. They match each other, making simplicity full of sweet reverie





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