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Pony crossing the river - Omron plans to help you build a bridge

with the coming of September, a new batch of fresh students will face employment pressure again. Interested people have listened to countless predecessors' experience and participated in a number of training and guidance. However, when a pony crosses the river, he must wade in person. Going to the company to participate in practical work is the first step to maturity. OMRON company offered internships to students, and the interns also felt the depth of the river for the first time in Omron. Their internship experience and company guidance may help you build a bridge over the river

create a shining professional · Omron plan · introduction to Omron group

Omron group is a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment, mastering the world's leading sensing and control core technology. Omron Group believes that "enterprises not only pursue profits, but also have the value of existence only by making contributions to society", "enterprises make contributions to society"

as one of the social activities of enterprises, what about in the laboratory? Is it feasible to use an expandable automatic system for material testing? This means that this year Omron named and supported the "Omron 2008 career development guidance plan for college students", which aims to help college students enhance social value and establish core competitiveness. The plan will continue to bring free lectures and training to students. Omron also offered internships to students to help them experience the life of "social people"

(the picture shows Yoji kanhara, the head of the business resource reform office, accepting the plaque handed over by Dai Yi, the general manager of puleco consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

create a shining professional · Omron plan · "pony crossing the river"

"everything should start from scratch"

"my department is a large team, which needs to be responsible for all health products (such as sphygmomanometers, electric toothbrushes and other health products) Plan for

luyuejing of the commodity Enterprise Planning Department of the health and medical business department

after she really entered the company, she found that all this was much better than I expected. Because many people only do pure clerical jobs such as printing and copying, while in Omron, there are some in-depth jobs in addition to these jobs. Although I am only an intern, I am also proud to participate in the formulation of strategies

I'm a student majoring in Japanese, that is to say, I can't do anything except Japanese. The work of commodity planning is even more ignorant. I am very grateful to the Minister for his hand-in-hand instruction. He was very careful. He began to teach me how to use the copier, and explained in detail the concepts and processes involved in the work. From the sudden entry of student life into the work of nine to five, I found that too many things need to be learned. In the past, the place that I thought was good in school was put in the company ring, so it was almost worthless to exist in the soil for a long time. "

boss's words: start from the foundation and keep learning enthusiasm

students without work experience cannot be arranged to do very complex work, but have to start from the most basic, such as copying documents, scanning documents, sorting out materials and other miscellaneous work. However, if these simple tasks are repeated unchanged, they will feel boring, and their strength and wear resistance will be added through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.) Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface Lose enthusiasm for work. On the basis of the completion of affairs, I will help them add some interesting work. For example, participate in the production of commodity planning strategies, and how to summarize a large amount of data into easy to understand and see analysis charts. This is not a simple transactional work, but requires brain analysis to reflect its own price. 4. The power value of the controller must be turned off when plugging in and out the interface on the controller

maybe, as an intern working in my department, I will give her many opportunities to learn more. But I also have many concerns. After all, they are interns. Do I need to spend a lot of time on them? When the boss hesitates, interns need to reflect their enthusiasm for work, so as to change the boss' view and strive for more job opportunities. Don't be disgusted and tired of simple transactional work. While doing a good job in routine work, we should strive to do some complex and brain intensive work

create a shining professional · Omron plan · "pony crossing the river"

"put on formal clothes, face the outside world, and understand the meaning of the moment"

Zhang Yang, brand strategy center of health care division

"As the name suggests, my department is responsible for TV advertising, print advertising, product packaging and other businesses. My work is mainly two aspects. On the one hand, I check the advertising of advertising companies, on the other hand, I have to go to the relevant departments to approve advertisements. Omron has a lot of products and advertisements, and the review work is really time-consuming. In order to prevent mistakes, I always have to check many times

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