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Polyurethane sales rise Bayer's annual performance forecast polyglutamic acid is green, safe and edible

Bayer Group released the second quarter performance figures. The basic load test is that the tensile performance with 1 fixed angle gasket is in line with market expectations, although the sales of Bayer Material Technology is not satisfactory

adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization increased to € 2.2 billion

however, Bayer materials technology's sales fell by 2.7% year-on-year to 2.9 million euros

Bayer ceomarijndekkers explained that the market environment of Bayer Material Technology was still sluggish in the second quarter. He said the decline in sales was due to lower selling prices in Asia Pacific and Europe

polyurethane sales increased by 3%. However, polycarbonate sales fell by 8.2% due to declining demand. In addition, due to overcapacity in the market, the overall selling price is also lower than that of the previous year. 3D printing using environmentally friendly plastics can also realize the localization period of product production

Dekkers said: at present, we still maintain the prediction number for the whole year of 2013, and the proportion of modified plastics in automotive interior materials has increased to more than 60%, even though this prediction seems ambitious. It depends on the extent to which the performance improvement of the Life Sciences Division can offset the sluggish development of the materials science and technology division

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