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Comments on the chemical warehouse receipt of the treasure island exchange on November 7

the warehouse receipt of the treasure island exchange reported that methanol rose sharply across the board today. The settlement price of me0904 was 1788 yuan/ton, up 25 yuan/ton from yesterday's settlement. A total of 8887 batches (44435 tons) were traded throughout the day, an increase of 5244 batches from the previous trading day, and the total order volume reached 10942 batches (54710 tons), an increase of 655 batches from the previous trading day

methanol varieties:

the main variety 0904 opened slightly lower in the morning, and then the trend was similar to yesterday. In the process of market economic development, after the expiration of the warranty period, it will be broken into fragments. After a rapid rise and being hit, the buyer entered the market again to protect the plate, promoting the price to fluctuate for the second time, and began to close the plate at 10:27; In the afternoon, the seller organized the impact, and the stop occasionally opened, but soon closed again, and finally closed at the limit price of 1833 yuan/ton

news side:

(1) external market: FOB U.S. Gulf cents/gallon up 1 cents/gallon, FOB Rotterdam euros/ton flat. CFR China dollar/ton fell by $5/ton, and CFR Southeast Asia dollar/ton high-end fell by $5/ton

(2) these in domestic markets will cause error fields in the test results: as of press time, the mainstream quotation in East China is temporarily stable at yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation in South China is temporarily stable at yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in North China is yuan/ton, which is temporarily stable

(3) manufacturers/upstream dynamics:

today, the quotation of domestic methanol manufacturers is generally stable. It is reported that the coal price in Qinhuangdao fell sharply by about 40 yuan per ton on November 5, becoming the largest weekly decline. At the same time, the national coal production, transportation and sales have shrunk synchronously, and the downward adjustment of the market is inevitable, which also makes the increase of the contract price of the coal long-term association next year become confusing. NYMEX crude oil December futures closed down $5.23 at $65.30 a barrel overnight

(4) supply dynamics:

Shanxi Dachuan Zhongtian coal chemical methanol plant has been shut down since August, and the boiler transformation was completed in October. However, due to the continuous downturn of the market, it is still in the shutdown state, and the manufacturer said that the specific start-up time is not clear. At present, the refined alcohol plant with an annual output of 250000 tons in Linquan, Anhui is in the shutdown state. The manufacturer said that the start-up time will be a few days, and there is no quotation at present. Shandong HongRi Akang methanol plant has been in shutdown since mid September, and has not been restored yet. The specific start-up time is not clear

technical aspect (continuous methanol):

(1) price trend: the market shows a downward trend in the medium term, and is in the process of shock bottoming in the short term, rebounding for the third consecutive day

(2) K-line shape and volume price relationship: take out the positive line with shadow, the trading volume is significantly larger than yesterday, and the order volume continues to show an increasing trend. The market has seen three consecutive positive increases in volume and positions, and market differences have further expanded

(3) moving average system (4,9,18), support pressure: from the daily chart, the moving average system is still in short position; The 60 minute chart initially shows a long line, and the closing station is on the 4-day moving average. Short term reference support levels 1800 and 1670, pressure levels 1900 and 2000

(4) index: on the daily chart, the fast line below MACD zero axis began to accelerate upward; KD index continues to rise at a relatively low level. On the 60 minute chart, MACD goes up below the zero axis; KD index entered the oversold area as a whole. Generally speaking, there are more indicators. Generally speaking, there are more tendencies

styrene varieties:

latest developments in the spot market: the intraday price of styrene in East China continues to decline. At present, the mainstream price in the market is yuan/ton, the market transaction is light, and the shippers are willing to ship. In the South China styrene market, it is difficult to change the pattern of price without market. Due to the high quotation of Sinopec and the relatively tight supply of goods in the South China market, traders adhere to the quotation of yuan/ton, but the downstream wait-and-see is strong and transactions are rare. (enterprises that export food contact materials need to pay attention to the views of the new EU regulations, for reference only)

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