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Polyurethane adhesive formula for shoes

component dosage/g component dosage/g plastic, steel, cement and wood become four major industrial materials

polyurethane resin (shoe and grade) 300 tetrahydrofuran 500

methyl fibrinogen 500 carboxyl polymethylene resin 20

preparation and curing add polyurethane tree solid particles into the mixed solvent of methyl fibrinogen and tetrahydrofuran, stir slowly for several hours to dissolve it. Slowly add carboxyl polymethylene resin under stirring to avoid caking, and stir for 3h. Glue twice, let the solvent volatilize after coating, activate at 60 ~ 80 ℃ for several minutes, bond, and add functions to the parts. It also has chemical resistance, mechanical resistance and heat stress resistance, and can be cold bonded. Cure at room temperature

usage this adhesive has high initial viscosity and is resistant to plasticizers and oils. It can be used for the bonding of cow leather, PVC, rubber plastic blends, rubber, etc. its performance is better than that of neoprene adhesive used in shoes

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