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Porsche has developed a new assembly line for human-machine safety cooperation equipped with KOMA cooperation robot

Porsche has developed a new assembly line for human-machine safety cooperation

human machine cooperation

robots used in automobile manufacturing are very powerful and dangerous machines, so in the past, there were safety barriers on the production line to separate workers from robots

now Porsche will take the lead in using a new generation of robots that can work side by side with humans. According to executive director Jens thomer, this is the first move in the automotive industry. The director of automotive project and plant structure planning said that humans and robots will cooperate in the current hausen factory in Stuttgart, the main Porsche factory, to jointly manufacture body parts

corma cooperative robot aura

the metal muscle rare earth national storage inspection of the new robot will be carried out in the near future, and the meat is covered with an inductive skin layer. Through capacitive sensors, the skin layer can sense people's proximity or contact. When workers are sensed approaching, the robot will slow down and stop working when someone touches it. Capacitive sensor is a technology used on the touch screen of intelligent, flat panel and some high-end automotive infotainment systems. When robots carry and lift heavy objects, workers and colleagues can perform some sensitive, flexible and non mechanical work tasks at the same time. The first task of the skin sensing robot will be to help assemble the rear floor of the Porsche 911 sports car body. At present, only one station has applied this new robot, and tho has put forward higher and higher requirements for the comprehensive performance and trimming effect of aluminum alloy structure. Mer said, but this technology is very attractive to the data: after the experiment, Porsche will be widely used in the future

in addition to the 911 models, hausen factory also needs to produce Cayman and Boxster sports cars. At the same time, hausen factory plans to produce the new Porsche electric luxury car taycan, which makes the factory crowded. Hausen factory is located in the city center with a small expansion area. The use of Korma cooperative robot aura can effectively use the production space. Robots and workers sharing workspace is a better way to use the limited space of factories. It can also shorten the working hours of workstations, which is an important factor affecting productivity. Porsche plans to increase the car production and labor scale of hausen factory. At present, 280 traditional industrial robots have been installed in hausen factory

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