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Polyurethane rigid foam materials all appeared at the China housing Expo

on September 16, "the 13th China International Housing Industry and construction industrialization products and Equipment Expo" was held at the China International Exhibition Center. The current China housing Expo is still in the period of need and strategic opportunities. With the theme of "promoting the modernization of the construction industry and building a green home for tomorrow", the China Polyurethane Industry Association was invited to attend the Expo. The polyurethane building energy conservation promotion and application workers took down the samples and repeated step 2 working group and the polyurethane rigid foam building insulation quality integrity alliance, together with Yantai Wanhua, Bayer, BASF, Langfang Huayu, Nanjing hongbaoli and other enterprises attended the exhibition

according to the provisions of the medium and long term special plan for energy conservation, by 2020, new buildings in cities and towns will achieve 65% energy conservation, and existing buildings will gradually implement energy-saving transformation. Polyurethane rigid foam is currently recognized as the best building exterior wall insulation material in the world. We have to move forward all the time and can withstand various loads such as wind and impact under a wide temperature range and high temperature conditions

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