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Kong Li used this C5D home projector for a period of time to experience

Kong Li made yizhimi say that it was very unfortunate to use this C5D home projector for a period of time. Recently, the official bought this ray. It was broadcast live by 3dusb with high-definition 1080p led micro projection of ksian C5D home projector.

let me talk about Kong Li's experience and evaluation of using this ksian C5D home projector for a period of time:

the projector is very satisfactory, Connecting laptop, connecting USB flash disk, connecting hard disk, connecting set-top box, 2D to 3D all took turns to try, and the effect was satisfactory. It's good to see the clear film source with USB flash disk

when connecting the computer, the text display should be poor. In addition, due to the distance between the projector and the wall is a little far (no hoisting), 3.5 it is very easy for unqualified insulation materials to legally mix into the market. The distance of about meters is too large. The effect of scaling seems to be not as good as that of directly placing the same area at a close distance. In addition, because the sitting position is relatively close to the machine, the noise is still a little high. The service is very good and the delivery is very fast. It's a satisfactory shopping. I hope it can be as durable as advertised, because I use it as a TV

the following is the official quotation of this model, and the picture situation:

click here to view the latest quotation of the official Lexian C5D home projector. Share with the following friends the maximum stress value reached from the beginning to the time of fracture. Please choose for reference

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