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As one of the synthetic leather enterprises invited by the 2010 International Polyurethane summit - automotive polyurethane industry chain forum, Wanhua was invited to focus on the international automotive microfiber leather at the polyurethane summit, and will conduct an in-depth analysis of the development history, current situation and future development of the microfiber leather in the automotive field

according to the information provided to customers, Yantai Wanhua Super Fiber Co., Ltd. is the first artificial leather industrial base in China, which was founded in 1978. The full set of production equipment and technology of the company are introduced from kololi company in Japan. At present, the company mainly produces and sells synthetic leather, ball leather and military leather

the application of domestic artificial leather in the field of automotive interior decoration is later than that in some developed countries. Wanhua said that the application of Japanese artificial leather in automotive interior decoration materials is in the forefront of whether the world can meet its own actual situation. Japan is one of the most developed countries in the automotive industry and artificial leather industry. Artificial leather for automotive interior has developed rapidly this year. Several of its major automobile leather production enterprises, including Toray, kolali, Asahi Huacheng, Gonghe leather company, Achilles company, Diren cordley, Zhongfang, Mitsubishi Rayon, etc., have introduced new products in recent years, which have been successively adopted by major automobile enterprises, and the output has also increased

according to the survey of the Japan survey Association, in 2007, the output of "synthetic leather for automotive interior decoration · artificial leather" increased by 14.4% to 421.0 square meters compared with the previous year, and the output of synthetic leather increased by 246% to 4905000 square meters compared with the previous year, with a total increase of 19.7% over the previous year, rising to 9.115 million square meters. There are many political parties, especially Pu artificial leather and super fiber suede leather, which are growing rapidly

China Building Materials: in recent years, Yantai Wanhua said that domestic synthetic leather enterprises are also gradually moving closer to foreign artificial leather developed areas. Since 2001, the company has been committed to the development of flame retardant automotive leather, and has obtained authorized patents. However, there is still a certain technical gap with foreign enterprises in terms of application. In the future, microfiber leather for automotive interior will be developed in the direction of "environmental response", and in terms of automotive interior, the focus is on "safety, environment and lightweight"

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