The hottest polyurethane sleeper has high strength

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Polyurethane sleepers have high strength and long service life

at the 2011 China Japan Green Expo held recently, Japan seeper Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. showed off its FFU synthetic sleepers. This kind of lightweight and corrosion-resistant structural material produced by strengthening rigid polyurethane resin foam with long glass fiber has the durability, insulation, high strength of reinforced plastic and the lightweight and processing properties of wood. It is mainly used for railway sleepers

according to chenyongze, manager of Yongchang seeper compliance Materials Co., Ltd., as early as 2002, Japan Railway Corporation began to implement FFU, and has established low, medium and high-grade echelon sleepers. According to the calculation, the use of 1 cubic meter of wood can be reduced by using 1 FFU synthetic sleeper. Guangzhou Metro took the lead in using FFU synthetic sleepers in China in 2005. In order to ensure the overall effectiveness, it is now expanding its application with the extension of the metro

research shows that the physical properties of FFU synthetic sleepers have hardly changed after 15 years of application. On Shinkansen in Japan, FFU synthetic sleepers have been successfully used for nearly 20 years. Compared with concrete turnout sleepers, FFU has good flexibility, which helps to reduce vibration and noise. Even without track shock pads, it can adapt to high-speed tracks, and its proportion is only one third of that of concrete. In addition, FFU materials can be recycled. After crushing and pressurizing FFU waste products, new recycled products can be made

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