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Polyurethane raw materials are in short supply, and China's development has something to do.

according to the report of American modern plastics published in August, polyurethane raw materials are in high demand all over the world, and the supply will remain tight until 2006

according to Jean Pierre, President of BASF's Polyurethane department, and dhanis, at present, the capacity utilization rate of BASF's MDI plant has reached 100%, and that of TDI plant is also above 85%. The situation of other major manufacturers is basically similar. MDI users have been in a state where the distribution and supply of raw materials can meet the general demand for door and window building profiles. Dhanis believes that the contradiction of polyurethane raw material shortage can be alleviated only in the context of the global economic downturn

Ian Paterson, manager of Bayer's marketing and innovation department, pointed out that the growth rate of global polyurethane demand from 2004 to 2006 was 5% per year. In the next two years, no MDI plant with large capacity will be put into production, and the global polyurethane supply will be relatively tight. It is reported that there will be small-scale production capacity units. For example, bordoschem company in Hungary will soon put into operation an 80000 ton/year polyurethane raw material plant. In addition, the 240000 ton/year MDI plant built in Shanghai by BASF and huntsman in conjunction with the Chinese partner will be put into operation in 2005 as planned. The original planned capacity is 160000 ton/year. The plant will also produce TDI products. Bayer is currently expanding the production capacity of its MDI plants in the United States, Spain and Germany, with a total capacity of 120000 tons/year, bringing the total capacity to 920000 tons/year. Bayer is the world's largest supplier of MDI and TDI for many industries that have increased their demand for metallic copper, and is increasing its investment in raw material supply capacity in China. In the past two years, Bayer has closed four TDI production plants with small capacity. Poor profits have affected manufacturers' enthusiasm to increase investment, but almost all polyurethane raw material manufacturers are optimistic about the growth potential of the Chinese market and have come to China to invest and build factories

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