Most popular liquid dairy products favor PET packa

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UK liquid dairy products favor PET packaging

recently, the parameter calculation Department of yield strength testing machine of Jinan testing machine factory, a British PCI consulting company, pointed out in the special report "the potential of pet in liquid dairy products packaging" that the prospect of pet in milk and dairy products packaging is very promising. At present, the total amount of plastic milk bottles in Europe and North America is 500kt, while the consumption of pet will be increased from 35kt to 100kt in the short term. The measuring points on both sides of the strain extensometer are consistent with the standard distance of the sample

at present, PET bottles with stable and reliable performance are used in the main market of dairy products: fresh milk no more than 1L and beverage packaging of various milk flavoring products. It is expected that the future market shares of these two parts will be 73.3% and 26.7% respectively. There are two kinds of PET packaging in Europe: standard packaging and "value-added" packaging. "Value-added" products refer to packaging flavored dairy drinks, vitamin value-added milk and other soft dairy drinks that can compete with fruit juice drinks. Because PET packaging adopts aseptic filling process, and can improve the UV blocking effect, it can improve the shelf life of goods

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