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Linde chenxiaochun: interconnection + forklift relink logistics

Linde chenxiaochun: interconnection + forklift relink logistics

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at the "glsc2015 global logistics and Supply Chain Conference" held on July, 2015, chenxiaochun, marketing director of Linde (China) forklift Co., Ltd., was invited to the conference site, A speech with the theme of "Linde fleet management system - relink logistics" was given to users in the logistics industry

manage forklifts with data

at this conference, we talked about many topics of Internet + and industry 4.0. As a leading logistics equipment provider in the world, Linde has also been paying attention to new technological changes and exploring the future path and cost-effective solutions for users around customer needs

Mr. Chen Xiaochun introduced to us that under the environment of Internet + and big data application, Linde has two directions of thinking about the extension of equipment from functional satisfaction to creating value for users: on the one hand, from the perspective of single equipment, more intelligent brains should be given to material handling equipment, which is intellectualization; On the other hand, at present, more than 1million industrial forklifts are scattered in different workplaces. These devices produce a lot of data every day, which was ignored by us in the past. In fact, these data bring a lot of value to our customers. We hope that through our efforts, we can network single point information, process and analyze fragmented information, and provide it to our customers for optimizing logistics operations and management decisions

just now, a guest gave the example of Uber. In fact, they didn't do anything, didn't design a new car, didn't recruit drivers, just changed it, and then began to degrade and change the mode one year later. From this point of view, what can we learn? First, transparency between information. Second, enhance the customer experience. Our passengers see that the customer experience is different when the distance and remaining time of the reserved vehicle are shown on the. We are wondering whether this experience and concept can also be used in logistics equipment management

back to logistics. Many warehouses seem very calm, but in fact, the real material handling operation is far from as simple as you think. Linde's innovation team often chats with our users about their other needs beyond the handling function. Customers have given us many interesting feedback, such as how many forklifts they know, how many forklift operators they employ, but how to further conduct data mining and analysis, and how to analyze multiple experimental curves to improve management is very important: how to monitor the utilization of equipment in real time? How to conduct benchmarking management among multi-point facilities? How to improve the safety of logistics? How to assist purchase decision based on Logistics big data? Wait

these demands are real and come from the needs of our customers. In fact, the basic data required by the above requirements can be obtained by loading some data acquisition devices on the forklift itself. The rest is to summarize and analyze these information, so as to provide more value-added services for our users

in this context, Linde team management connectedsolution came into being

today, about 20000 forklifts of Linde customers around the world have applied connectedsolution, and the degree of user recognition is far beyond our imagination at that time. The purpose of this system is to build the links between drivers, managers, forklifts, events and networks, including powerful functions such as multi warehouse management, personnel authorization management, vehicle management, maintenance scheduling, performance analysis, safety management and management report output, and to consider the different concerns of forklift drivers, grass-roots logistics managers and decision-making management

collaboration of fleet management

systematization of equipment includes human links, authorization and card swiping management of drivers. In addition, pre inspection management of equipment can be carried out through an app. All these are paperless, and it is a start to ensure that all future operation activities, efficiency, costs and events establish the relationship between operators and equipment. Based on this function, users can use this series of data to evaluate the KPI of drivers, or benchmark the equipment utilization with other enterprises in the industry to evaluate the optimization space of the enterprise

according to the operation process, each device can set a series of basic parameters in the parking lot management. During the operation, various data can be captured by the sensors installed on the forklift, including how long you have worked, the frequency of your actions, and even some abnormal signals and information that have occurred in the event or the device itself, which can be transmitted to the cloud, sent to customers, and even pushed to the device service provider

next, let's talk about safety. In some operation links, when the equipment may have some abnormal vibration, collision, etc., it will be automatically recorded in the sensor of the equipment. Each dot in the figure is an isolated event. The safety indicators of the system can be focused on a single device or enlarged to the overall indicators of the enterprise level according to the different management perspectives to meet different management needs. For grass-roots managers, technical means can be used to further identify whether there are operational risks. For those frequent barbaric operators, users can take necessary further measures based on the facts; For senior managers, the overall safety operation index of different facilities can be controlled from a broader perspective

in addition, the system also has the automatic speed limit function in specific forklifts and specific areas, and enhances the safety of man-machine moving line weaving area

in addition, there are many functions that can meet the needs of users by obtaining the certificate issued by the German Passive House Research Institute. For example, forklifts need regular maintenance according to the number of operating hours. Good maintenance can help reduce the cost of later maintenance for customers. Connectedsolution can capture the operating hours of forklifts in real time, automatically send messages/emails to customers in a certain period of time, and tell you very accurately: Dear customers, When will your XX equipment reach the maintenance time. At the same time, this information can also be pushed to Linde service dispatch system at the same time, which is used by almost every power supply department, so as to ensure the orderly arrangement of maintenance interval operations, transparent real-time sharing of information, enhance the previous collaboration between customers and Linde, and reduce your cost

this is a very wonderful system. In addition, there are many functions of connectedsolution, which are not listed here. But until now, we still talk about service satisfaction after the event. Have we taken another step forward? Is it to turn the traditional passive demand satisfaction into initiative and go ahead? Please watch the video

in the future, Linde fleet management system will realize the function of automatically capturing and transmitting fault error codes, making it possible for remote diagnosis, engineers to actively dispatch workers and parts to be pre prepared, so that maintenance personnel can carry out fault diagnosis without being on site. In addition, the system will also know when to maintain the vehicle, and the ordering of accessories will be automated. This means Linde will provide customers with more transparency, faster processes and enhanced vehicle availability

we believe that now we can't just focus on the function of the equipment. We just need to add a limited input of data acquisition devices to the forklift, combine the powerful background support system and friendly customer interface, share the data with our users through some logic, analysis, judgment and integration, and perfectly integrate people, equipment, logistics and network, which is indeed conducive to the safe operation of the customer fleet and improve the efficiency of the fleet, Control the cost of the fleet, and finally provide the management decision-making basis for the fleet managers

we deeply feel that the world is indeed changing. We should open our hands to embrace change and create value for customers

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