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Liu Duo: promote the integrated development of 5g and industrial interconnection

the 2018 central economic work conference proposed to accelerate the pace of 5g business and strengthen the construction of new infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection and IOT. 5g will usher in a new digital era of interconnection of all things. Industrial interconnection is the main application scenario of 5g. The integrated development of the two has become an important direction for the current industry to explore, which will have a significant impact on China's economic and social development

first, the development of 5g+ industrial interconnection is of great significance

5g is the key support for digital transformation, and industrial interconnection is an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution. 5g+ industrial interconnection is of great significance to accelerate the development of digitalization, networking and intelligence, expand and strengthen the digital economy, and promote the integration of digital economy and real economy

(I) 5g+ industrial interconnection is an internal requirement to comply with the trend of global industrial change

with the deepening of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, countries around the world have accelerated the promotion of 5g applications, and industry is the key field. At present, both 5g and industrial interconnection in China have started and developed synchronously with major countries. Actively exploring the integrated application of 5g+ industrial interconnection is not only an inevitable choice to comply with the trend of industrial development, but also an objective need for China to grasp the historical opportunity of the fourth industrial revolution and take the lead in the new round of global scientific and technological industry competition

(II) 5g+ industrial interconnection injects a strong drive into digital transformation

5g supports the application scenario from everyone Internet to everything Internet, and from mobile Internet to mobile Internet of things, which can meet the needs of massive information collection, big data processing and remote control. The collection and processing of a large amount of data will gradually narrow the differences in products and services caused by the technical gap. The integrated application of 5g+ industrial interconnection in the vertical field will drive the digital expansion of industry, form new organizations, new products and new models centered on intelligence in the industrial field, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency and the optimization of economic structure by providing high-quality services, realize the reconstruction and upgrading of all factors of social production, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain, and help the digital transformation and development of the real economy. With the gradual penetration of 5g+ industrial interconnection into agriculture, service industry and other fields, it will give birth to new models and new formats such as smart energy and smart transportation, constantly cultivate new growth points and expand new space, and inject inexhaustible power into the development of digital economy

(III) 5g+ industrial interconnection accelerates the evolution and upgrading of new infrastructure

industrial interconnection is the product and specific carrier of the deep integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and the real economy. It integrates advanced achievements in information and communication such as mobile communication, big data and artificial intelligence, and creates an important infrastructure for the development of digitalization, networking and intelligence. 5g has the characteristics of high speed, low delay and large connection, which is highly consistent with the requirements of industrial interconnection connection diversity, performance differentiation and communication diversification. It is a key enabling technology for the evolution and upgrading of industrial interconnection network. The integrated development of 5g and industrial interconnection will speed up the building of a new generation of high-speed, intelligent, ubiquitous, safe and green information network, further improve the intelligent level of traditional infrastructure, build new infrastructure, and support the high-quality development of entities

II. The pace of exploration of 5g+ industrial interconnection in China has accelerated.

in recent years, the domestic industry in China has always been driven by innovation and development, adhering to the influence and guidance of enterprises and the government from other nearby machines, combining independent innovation with open cooperation, and accelerating the R & D and industrialization of 5g and industrial interconnection. With the joint efforts of all parties involved in politics, industry, education, research and application, China's 5g+ industrial interconnection continues to make new progress, the integration results are beginning to show, and the development prospects are broad

(I) the industrial foundation has been continuously consolidated

on the one hand, 5g development continues to accelerate. In terms of standard formulation, as of May 2019, the number of patents declared by Chinese enterprises accounted for more than 30% of the global total. In terms of product research and development, Huawei, ZTE and other enterprises take the lead in medium frequency system equipment; Hisilicon took the lead in releasing the first 5g base station core chip and multi-mode terminal chip. In terms of network construction, as of November 21, 2019, 113000 5g base stations have been opened nationwide, and it is expected to reach 130000 by the end of the year. In terms of application and promotion, actively promote the application of 5g in industrial interconnection, car service, Ultra HD video, smart city and other fields. On the other hand, the construction of industrial interconnection has made positive progress. Manufacturing enterprises actively use new network technology to carry out in factory transformation, and basic telecommunications enterprises speed up the construction of high-quality external benchmarking network; Five national top-level nodes have been built and operated, and the number of logo registrations has reached 1.1 billion; There are more than 50 platforms with certain industry and regional influence, and the average number of industrial equipment connections of key platforms has exceeded 650000, the average number of registered users is 500000, and the average number of industrial apps is 1950; The construction of the national, provincial and enterprise level linkage security system has been accelerated, and has been connected with 12 provinces, covering 91000 enterprises and monitoring 135 industrial interconnection platforms

(II) the policy environment is increasingly optimized. In November 2017, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on deepening interconnection + advanced manufacturing industry and developing industrial interconnection, which clearly proposed to carry out 5g network technology experiments for industrial interconnection applications, and jointly promote the application deployment of 5g in industrial enterprises. In January, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "guidelines for the construction and promotion of industrial interconnection networks", which proposed to preliminarily build the industrial interconnection infrastructure and technology industry system by 2020. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "5g+ industrial interconnection 512 project promotion plan, which is also very grateful for the support of new and old customers", and proposed detailed development goals and development paths from the aspects of technology industry, innovative application, resource supply, etc., to accelerate the promotion of 5g+ industrial interconnection 5. The research results of Nankai University made "optical" flight possible. 12 the project was implemented. In addition, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other more than 10 provinces and cities have taken the integrated application of 5g and industry as the focus of industrial planning

(III) increasingly in-depth application in the industry. Basic telecommunications enterprises and large industrial enterprises have joined forces to accelerate the layout in many industries, and have formed more than 20 types of integrated applications, focusing on industrial manufacturing, energy and electricity, smart ports and other fields. COMAC cooperates with China Unicom, Huawei, China Academy of information technology and others to explore the real-time control of factory production status through 5g fully connected factories, so as to continuously eliminate the waste of resources in factory operations and achieve a high degree of lean production. China Southern Power, together with China Mobile, Huawei, etc., used 5g slicing technology to carry out 5g load distribution business transformation pilot in Shenzhen to ensure convenient, efficient and safe applications in enterprises. On the whole, the development of 5g+ industrial interconnection integration in China started early and has a good foundation. Its application has gradually extended from peripheral links such as inspection and monitoring to internal links such as production control and quality inspection. With the continuous deepening of integration and application, a multi-point cluster development pattern of two regions, three belts has been initially formed, led by the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and the Yangtze River Delta, and actively promoted by Shandong Henan, Sichuan and Chongqing and Hunan Hubei

(IV) the formation of industrial ecology has accelerated. In February, 2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology jointly promoted the establishment of the imt-2020 (5g) promotion group to organize industry university research and application units in the field of mobile communications to jointly carry out technological innovation, standard development, industrial chain cultivation and international cooperation. The industrial interconnection industry alliance established in 2016, as the main carrier of China's industrial interconnection industry ecosystem and its good performance under high temperatures, has specially set up an industrial wireless ad hoc group to promote the application of 5g and other new wireless technologies in the industrial field, and jointly study and release the white paper on 5g+ industrial interconnection, white paper on edge computing and other achievements. The 5g application industry matrix established in 2019 focuses on 5g industrial application, actively promotes the connection between supply and demand, technological innovation and knowledge sharing, and strengthens application promotion and promotes the development of 5g industry through complementary advantages among member units

although China's 5g+ industrial interconnection has achieved preliminary results, its development potential still needs to be further tapped. On the one hand, the application scenarios and profit models of 5g in the industrial field need to be further explored, which affects the understanding and development enthusiasm of industrial enterprises. On the other hand, 5g has just entered the commercial stage, and the technology industry ecosystem has not yet fully formed. For example, 5g chips and modules are not mature, and standardization for the industrial field has not been achieved, which directly affects the research and development of 5g industrial products or equipment. In addition, the 5g deployment architecture in the factory, network configuration mode, insufficient uplink bandwidth and other key issues still need to be solved

third, accelerate the innovation and development of China's 5g+ industrial interconnection

at present, China's 5g+ industrial interconnection is starting, and there are still many bottlenecks that need to be broken through, problems need to be clarified, scenarios need to be explored, and challenges need to be addressed. In the next step, all parties in the industry need to continue to strengthen cooperation and exploration to add vitality to the deep integration of 5g and industrial interconnection in China

first, thoroughly implement the development strategy. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the 512 project implementation plan, strengthen the testing, evaluation and application consulting service capabilities based on the construction and transformation of 5g enterprises, guide the construction of technology test beds and industry test beds, create typical industrial application scenarios, and support the implementation of 5g strategy and industrial interconnection innovation and development strategy

second, continuously strengthen the foundation of development. Accelerate the use of 5g technology to carry out the reconstruction and deployment of the factory's internal network, accelerate the construction of 5g network environment in the factory, and provide facilities and resources for integrated development. Establish innovation carriers such as 5g and industrial interconnection integrated R & D system, innovation center or laboratory, gather various R & D resources, and improve R & D efficiency and achievement transformation level. Actively guide social capital to enter the 5g+ industrial interconnection field, and provide multi-channel capital guarantee for integrated development

third, strengthen the research and development of technical standards. Relying on the national industrial interconnection standards coordination and promotion group, the overall group and the expert consultation group, we will comprehensively promote the construction of 5g+ industrial interconnection integration standard system, and carry out in-depth research and development and industrialization of key technologies of 5g+ industrial interconnection integration. Build a cooperation platform to promote the application testing and pilot demonstration construction of vertical industries

fourth, build and improve the industrial ecosystem. Give full play to the important role of industrial organizations such as industrial interconnection industry alliance and 5g application industry matrix, and condense and cultivate a group of experts and compound talents who understand both 5g and industrial interconnection. Incubate 5g+ industrial interconnection excellent projects by holding national large-scale scientific and technological innovation competitions such as bloom cup. By organizing 5g+ industrial interconnection Industry Summit and high-end forum, we will publicize and implement excellent solutions. (Liu duo, President of China Academy of information and communication)

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