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Liu Gongshu's national brand building "100 billion aircraft carrier"

Guide: the world's Liu Gongshu originates from China! Liu Gong, known as the pacesetter of China's construction machinery, relies on independent innovation, holds the banner of national brands, and with the tenacity of grinding a sword in ten years, mergers and acquisitions to expand and strengthen the industry. In the past, a regional state-owned enterprise with a single product has been transformed into a maneuvering country

"the world's Liugong comes from China!"

Liu Gong, known as the pacesetter of China's construction machinery industry, relies on independent innovation, holds the banner of national brands, and with the tenacity of grinding a sword in ten years, mergers and acquisitions to expand and strengthen the industry. From a former regional state-owned enterprise with a single product, it has been transformed into a large state-owned enterprise maneuvering in the international market, ranking among the top 50 in the world's construction machinery industry, highlighting the ambition and extraordinary strategy of a national brand to stride towards the world

independent innovation stands at the forefront of the industry

relying on innovative research and development, building core competitiveness, promoting industrial technology upgrading and product structure adjustment, Liugong stands out in the market competition of survival of the fittest

in recent years, Liugong has successfully developed China's third-generation representative product G series wheel loaders, as well as plateau loaders and large wheel loaders that fill the international and domestic gaps

this year, its first Euro IV emission loader independently developed in China was unveiled at the global construction machinery exhibition, which surprised four people. The new truck crane, crawler crane and "desert chariot" clg855n loader, which have the main intellectual property rights from the gb/t 6395 (2) 000 metal data decadent crack growth rate experiment method, have just come out and attracted much attention

11 product lines continue to push through the old and bring forth the new, showing the vigorous R & D strength. With independent innovation, national high-tech enterprises, national high-tech industrial bases, national innovative enterprises and other honors, Liu Gong won back pieces of "national brand" gold signboards

11 research institutes of mainframe and parts, 7 research institutes of generic technology, more than 600 R & D engineers and 4 joint R & D centers have built a powerful innovative R & D platform for Liugong. In February this year, the national earthwork machinery engineering technology research center with an investment of 220million yuan was settled in Liugong, adding a strong impetus to its technological innovation

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Liugong undertook four national 863 projects, and 119 national patents were authorized for technological research and development, including four invention patents; It has won 3 National Awards and 5 regional awards

mergers and acquisitions to create a "100 billion aircraft carrier"

production and sales of 100billion yuan! This is the development strategic goal of Liugong group in the 12th Five Year Plan

as Liugong, who shoulders the important task of revitalizing the national equipment manufacturing industry, how to quickly expand and strengthen the industry and achieve leapfrog development? The decision-making level is strategic

in recent years, Liugong has been moving north and East in China, and the momentum of mergers and acquisitions is booming. Either strong and strong, or strong and weak, optimize the allocation of resources, promote industrial integration and upgrading, constantly expand product lines, serialize and diversify product structure, and provide customers with comprehensive solutions

since 2000, Liugong has successively acquired Jiangsu Road Machinery Factory and Bengbu Zhenchong Amway, reorganized Shanghai Huguang forklift factory, and controlled Liuzhou ovim and Shanghai Hongdeli. This year, it joined hands with Shanghai Jintai company to fill the blank of piling machinery; In addition, taking a stake in Shougang heavy truck gave information about the size, location, nature and quantity of defects, and added a new mining machinery product line. In July this year, Liugong was rated as one of the "top ten typical enterprises of national mergers and acquisitions"

through mergers and acquisitions, joint venture cooperation, independent investment and other operation modes, Liugong steadily promoted diversified operations during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan": the product family has increased forklifts, cranes, construction machinery, concrete machinery, etc. from the original single construction machinery series; New factories have been added in Tianjin, Anhui, Chongqing, Changzhou, Jiangsu and other places; The scope of services extends to financial leasing, logistics, remanufacturing and other fields

with the enrichment and expansion of new product lines such as piling machinery and mining machinery, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan", Liugong is committed to developing a polymer that can be quickly converted when encountering external stimulation. It is not a dream to build an "aircraft carrier class" enterprise worth 100 billion yuan

In January this year, Liugong acquired the construction machinery business of HSW company in Poland, and held a preliminary agreement signing ceremony in Beijing, opening the prelude to Liugong's international mergers and acquisitions, marking a new stage of internationalization strategy

establish product manufacturing bases overseas, set up overseas logistics centers, provide customers with fast parts and complete machine shipment, and implement the global layout of the supply chain. In recent years, Liugong has made a sonorous pace and aspired to the world

Liugong marketing companies have been established in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and other places; In 2009, its first overseas manufacturing plant was located in India. Today, Liugong has more than 100 agents in 80 countries and has established 8 parts and accessories centers around the world, gradually advancing from distribution network construction to regional management and from overseas marketing to overseas manufacturing

taking the road of internationalization, Liu Gong has been honed to become stronger and stronger, and his ability to resist risks has doubled. In 2010, although the global financial crisis has not subsided, Liugong's export volume in that year still reached US $250million

in the first half of this year, Liugong exported more than 4000 complete machines, an increase of 81% year-on-year, of which the export in June exceeded 1000, both breaking a new record for Liugong's export

in the Eritrean government procurement project, the international competition is strong. With its strong strength and good cost performance of products, Liugong can achieve the purpose of eliminating errors, and successfully won the bid for more than 130 mechanical equipment, with a total amount of more than 70 million yuan

from January to October this year, the total machine output of Liugong group reached 54000 units, an increase of 9.6% year-on-year; The sales revenue has exceeded 18billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 16.7%. As of November, the cumulative global sales volume of Liugong loaders has exceeded 250000

on December 8, the China ASEAN (Liuzhou) automobile, construction machinery and Parts Expo will be grandly opened in Liuzhou, bringing new development opportunities to Liugong. With the completion of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, Liugong products will have a more and more far-reaching track in the international market

"the world's Liugong comes from China", a loud slogan, will erupt Chinese power comparable to international machinery giants

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