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Important statement of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Dear Mitsubishi users:

thank you for your long-term trust and support for the Mitsubishi Electric brand

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has always been in line with the service concept of customer first, providing customers with the most advanced industrial automation technology and services. However, recently, we found that some illegal vendors did not hesitate to use the second-hand digital display hydraulic material testing machine to check and renovate the measurement and control instruments, and even counterfeit Mitsubishi Electric automation products to compete with local agents in order to make huge profits in the market for a long time for new and old customers, which not only led to abnormal product prices in the market, but also seriously disrupted the market order of Mitsubishi Electric automation products, Moreover, it has damaged the economic interests of the majority of loyal users

here, Mitsubishi Electric Automation solemnly declares:

first, for any Mitsubishi Electric products sold by irregular authorized Mitsubishi agents, the company will not provide any technical information and warranty services, and will not bear any economic losses to customers

II. If any authorized agent of Mitsubishi participates in the activities of making and selling fake goods, once our company verifies the fact, it will be disqualified immediately

III. Mitsubishi Electric will reserve the right to further investigate the laws of any individuals and companies involved in the production and sale of counterfeit goods

in order to protect everyone's legitimate interests from damage, we sincerely ask our customers to purchase Mitsubishi Electric automation products in the fruit and vegetable purchasing area of Qianshan Road store of Yonghui supermarket through the local agents duly authorized by Mitsubishi Electric; At the same time, we will also strictly require our authorized agents not to blindly transfer goods, so as to ensure that customers can fully enjoy the advanced technology and perfect after-sales service of Mitsubishi Electric automation products

if you have any questions about the qualification of Mitsubishi Electric automation product agents, you can contact us in the following ways

· online verification system

· inquiries from branches around the country/Fax:

Shanghai: fax

Beijing: * 611 fax

Shenzhen: fax

Chengdu: fax

thank you for your perusal

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

July 10, 2008

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