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The importance of employee training

employee training is an important part and key function of human resource management and development, an important way to increase the value of human resource assets, and an important way to improve the organizational efficiency of enterprises

1. Staff training is the key work to cultivate and form common values and enhance cohesion

there are generally two kinds of talent team construction in an enterprise: one is by introduction, and the other is by self-cultivation. Therefore, the enterprise should continue to carry out staff training, instill enterprise values into the staff, and train good behavior norms, so that the staff can consciously work according to the Convention, so as to form a good and harmonious working atmosphere. Through training, employees can enhance their sense of identity to the organization, enhance the cohesion and team spirit between employees and employees, employees and managers

2. Employee training is an effective way to improve the level of employees' technology and ability and achieve the match between people and "things"

one of the main aspects of employee training is job training, in which the requirements of job specifications, professional knowledge and professional ability are regarded as important objectives of job training. Post personnel also need to make continuous progress and improvement after taking up their posts, and participate in higher-level training in technology upgrading and job promotion, so that their professional knowledge and technical ability can reach a higher level of post norms to meet the needs of future posts. Staff training is particularly important, and practice has proved that it is also an effective way to achieve the expected goals

3. Employee training is an important measure to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for work

employee training is an important human resource investment, and it is also an effective incentive method. For example, organize employees with outstanding performance to go to our introduction to confirm the choice of laboratory machines, visit advanced enterprises in other places, and encourage employees to take part-time study to reimburse expenses. According to relevant investigations, these guide holes can maintain the stable combustion of the flame, and further training is a condition that many employees value, because the incentive of money for skilled and knowledge-based employees is temporary, which can be done for a period of time, but not for a long time. They pay more attention to better development and improvement through work

4. Employee training is the best means to establish a learning organization

learning organization is an innovation of modern enterprise management theory and practice, and an innovation of enterprise employee training development theory and practice. In order to establish a learning organization as soon as possible, in addition to effectively carrying out all kinds of training, the more important thing is to run through the training idea of "people-oriented" to improve the quality of employees. Building cars is also an essential means of transportation for people, and establishing a talent training mechanism that can fully stimulate the vitality of employees. Successful enterprises regard employee training as the source of continuous benefits. The biggest difference between learning enterprises and ordinary enterprises is that they will never be satisfied with improving the quality of products and services, and improve efficiency through continuous learning and innovation. Logic analyzer and voltage/current probe (end)

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