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Important quality index of printing materials

an important quality index of printing materials is service life, which is more prominent in durable materials such as PS version, blanket, rubber roller and so on. The purchase cost of materials in a certain period is inversely proportional to the service life. The use of high-quality printing materials not only improves the use efficiency and the quality of printing materials, but also extends the service life and reduces the loss of downtime. The impact of service life on the use cost of materials is very obvious. At present, the foam granulator industry should pay attention to environmental protection. Compared with a PS version that can print 60000 copies and 120000 copies, the difference is intuitive and easy to calculate, and there is also the benefit of improving the quality of printed matter. A qualified material purchaser or manager must consider the service life of the material together with the price

experience tells us that the service life and sales price of materials are not all increased by the ratio of 1:1, and most of them are that the growth rate of price is lower than that of life extension. Only when the quality is improved to a certain extent, there will be a separate price increase, which is no longer related to the growth of service life. At this time, there should be a principle. If the increase of price is slower than the increase of service life, then materials with better quality should be selected. But most purchasers and even decision makers can't grasp the material well. The good thing is the service life of the material. They are often neither printing technicians nor technicians, and often prefer to accept the opinions of suppliers rather than listen to the opinions of front-line workers. Of course, there is also the problem of insufficient data management. Although some enterprises record and summarize the service life data of various materials, they have not formed a set of data system with reference value

here, it is necessary to discuss the technical relationship between material service life and sales price. The main factors affecting the service life of printing materials are aging and damage, which are closely related to the selection of raw materials and production and processing technology. If the raw materials are selected well and the processing technology is good, the corresponding printing process characteristics will be good, and the service life will be extended accordingly. From the perspective of the price composition of raw materials and processing challenges, whether chemical raw materials or metal raw materials, the incoming price is often basically determined, and the price change caused by the adjustable loading rate of the components to be tested by the production workers has become the main factor for the price change of raw materials with quality. Taking PS version as an example, most of the aluminum plates and photosensitizers used are priced by weight, and there will be great differences in the reprocessing process of raw materials after they enter the factory, which has become the main factor leading to the price change of the final product. Therefore, the service life of the product will not increase at the same speed with the cost

sometimes, the price of a product is also related to its selection of main materials. Low-cost products must be low-cost, and the best way to reduce the consumption of raw materials is to reduce the consumption of raw materials, which often directly affects its service life. Taking the PS version for newspaper industry as an example, the printing machine is designed according to the thickness of 0.30mm, and the minimum is 0.28mm. Some domestic PS versions have a nominal thickness of 0.28mm, and the downward tolerance is very large; The imported PS version has a nominal thickness of 0.30mm, and the downward tolerance is very small. The thickness of low-cost PS plate is lower than the tolerance requirements, which will lead to insufficient pressure during printing. The solution is to increase the amount of blanket liner, which leads to the inconsistency between the linear speed of the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder, and accelerates the wear of the plate. Although the aluminum material is saved and the sales price is reduced, the printing resistance is much worse, and in some cases it can even be about twice as bad

as more and more social capital is involved in the production field of printing materials, the quality of printing materials has been differentiated to a great extent, and the differentiation of service life is also prominent. Therefore, when purchasing materials, we need to pay attention to the comparison between service life and price to obtain the lowest material cost. Of course, material procurement should be combined with production needs, and service life should not be pursued blindly. For example, for a product with a small printing volume, no matter how high the printing resistance of the printing plate is, it has no practical significance; For a large print volume, the material cost change caused by the printing plate's printing resistance must be considered

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